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Friday, March 30, 2012

Tennis-Themed Bedroom Decor

Tennis is a very popular sport, even among kids of different ages. This is why a lot of parents and the children themselves decorate kids` bedrooms with a theme centered around this wonderful sport. Here are several ideas on how you can come up with a nice tennis-themed bedroom decor:

1. Color Scheme.
 When it comes to the color combination of the room, you can go for a neutral gray in contrast with touches of bright yellow that represent tennis balls. You may also want to opt for sky blue or bright blue as a background hue to signify the sky. Have the walls painted with these suggested colors, while including shiny yellow bean bags, a dresser, and the bed itself.

Kids Tennis Theme contemporary kids

2. Custom-made Furniture. Try to incorporate tennis equipment into the furniture used around the room. For instance, you can have customized mirrors made with actual tennis rackets as the frames. These can be hung on the wall. You can also use a tennis net as a backdrop for bookshelves, where you can pin up or attach works of art, photos, and other trinkets. Another possible idea you can make use of is to attach tennis balls on the posts of a bed or the handles of the closet and other drawers.

3. Tennis-Themed Accessories.
 In decorating a tennis-themed bedroom, you can put up paintings that show tennis-related pictures or perhaps actual framed photographs that depict various scenes on the court. You can also hang tennis balls from the ceiling or place tennis rackets on the walls. You may also want to use bedsheets and pillow cases with images of tennis players, balls, and rackets.

4. Murals and Wall Art. You may also choose to have an artist create a tennis-themed mural on one of the walls of the bedroom. Perhaps it could show a game scene or kids wearing tennis gear. For more subtle wall art, you can just have a silhouette of a tennis player in action placed in one corner of the room. Or you can just have small wall paintings done in a few parts of the room such as above the book shelves or beside the bed.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tennis Sunglasses: To Wear or Not to Wear

These days, some tennis players like wearing sunglasses during a game simply because of fashion. There are others, however, who really seek the functionality of these glasses depending on the venue and circumstances. Whatever your reason is for wearing sunglasses or wanting to when you are engaging in this sport, you have to be aware of its pros and cons first so that you know what you are getting into. This is because there have been word about the possible harm that doing so can bring about if you are on the court. For some players, wearing sunglasses also gets in the way.

Pros and Cons of Wearing Sunglasses

Here are some of the advantages of wearing sunglasses when you are playing tennis:

- It can protect your eyes from dust and other particles, especially if you are playing outdoors. It can also provide protection against the sunlight. Several doctors really suggest wearing these sunglasses to avoid eye injury when involved in sports.

- If you are out in the sun, it is good to wear sunglasses to avoid the glare and be able to see your opponent clearly as well as not miss the ball when you look up to hit it.

- It can be a nice accessory to accentuate the rest of your outfit. There are plenty of fashionable sunglasses nowadays that will make you look awesome on the court.

On the other hand, there are also risks that you will have to take if you opt to wear sunglasses during a game. Here are the disadvantages attached to it:

- The sunglasses may tend to jostle while you are moving, and will certainly get in the way of your concentration and moves. Hence, you may choose to add secure straps to the sunglasses.

- Your sweat may fog up the glasses or get trapped in your eyes instead of sliding down your face. This can hinder your clear eyesight and also be a cause for irritation. You should go for anti-fog sprays or solutions for glasses in case you really need or want to wear them.

- The sunglasses may suddenly fall off during the game. This can be a nuisance to your movements and may even cause you to trip or get harmed in the process.

Top Picks for Sunglasses

Having reviewed the pros and cons of tennis sunglasses, it is now up to you to decide whether you want to wear them on the court or not. If you feel comfy wearing them and are used to the feeling, perhaps it will not be bothersome. Just be sure to take the necessary precautions such as ensuring that they will not move or fall off while you are making those winning jumps and hits.

Here are our top picks for tennis sunglasses that you can choose from:

Kaenon Polarized - Soft Kore (Matte Black C12) - Eyewear
For women, these sunglasses belong to the trendiest that can be worn on and off the court. They are oozing with style and yet are also designed for functionality. The frame is actually designed to increase vision while preventing fogging. The lenses are also anti-scratch and the flexible temples are made to be non-slip. Certainly, these tennis sunglasses are great for players.

Nike - Show-X1 - $205

Nike - Show-X1 (Varsity Maize/Outdoor/Grey Lens) - EyewearFor male players, these tennis sunglasses are a winner. The striking design and colors are sure to land you on the list of most stylish tennis players. The Nike Max Optics features of this pair also ensures you of maximum visual precision and crisp clarity. There are also interchangeable lenses available for you to adjust to different lighting conditions. What's more, secure-warp temples allow for a tight but comfortable non-slip fit.

Bolle Draft (CompetiVision Gun + TNS, Shiny Black) - $133.95

This pair of sunglasses is unisex and is perfect for playing tennis because its blue lens are specially engineered to highlight just the color of the ball while you are playing. It is also lightweight and scratch-resistant, and comes with 100% UV protection. These are also simple yet stylish tennis sunglasses that can go wonderfully with any outfit you wish to wear while playing the sport.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rafael Nadal's and Roger Fedrer's French Open 2012 Outfits

Yes, we know Sony Ericsson Open is in its peak, and we'll be coming with more reviews on fashion from the tournament. But we couldn't help sharing Rafael Nadal's and Roger Fedrer's French Open 2012 outfits. Have a sneak peek at the styles Rafa and Roger will be sporting at 2012 French Open. As usual, Rafa's style is aggressive and Roger's - classic. Can't wait to see Rafa in red - real Spanish color.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Tennis Shorts for Men

Nowadays, a lot of male athletes, most especially tennis players, are already becoming conscious about their fashion. This is why seeing such need, sports apparel manufacturers have developed and are still releasing more stylish options for men to wear to their practices, trainings, and competitions.

Tennis shorts for men, in particular, are becoming real trendy today. Gone are the days when all the shorts available in the market seem to look the same. Now, men can don several distinct kinds for different looks on the court.

Here are some examples of stylish tennis shorts for men that you can consider:

Just imagine making those moves on the court while sporting a preppy look. Yes, there is no need to always stick to that classic sports attire. With this pair of stylish tennis shorts for men, you can enjoy a fashionable edge while playing the game. At the same time, you can maintain great comfort amidst the speed and rigor of this sport because of the garment's in-seam mesh gusset for additional breathability, elastic waist with inner drawcord for easy adjustability, and dri-fit fabric to wick away moisture.

Feel confident with your game when wearing this pair of simple yet classic-styled shorts that boast of great comfort with its ClimaCool ventilation and a snug draw cord waist. You will surely be able to concentrate well on your game without the heat and sweat bothering you. Moreover, you can easily pair these shorts with different tops, as the design and colors are uncomplicated and traditional. These shorts are available in black, red, white, navy blue, and bright blue.

You can certainly play in both style and comfort when you wear these shorts in classic black. The contoured waist band with hoop and look combined with the slim fit and front slash pockets make for a sexy appearance on the court. Hence, such a pair of tennis shorts for men will surely bring you extra points in sex appeal, if not in the game itself. Moreover, these shorts are lightweight and breathable too.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tennis Fashion Wish List: The Beauty of Grey

Whoever said that grey is a dull color probably fails to measure up to the modern fashion savvy individual of today. Indeed the recent years in the fashion world have been witness to the popularity of grey-colored clothes and accessories done in very stylish designs. The same goes for tennis fashion.

Here is our wish list for a trendy selection of tennis grey must-haves:

This sleeveless tank will certainly be a great match for the grey ruffled skort featured here. Its modish design and functional fabric has made it a popular choice for many women tennis players.

A tank top like this one is sure to turn heads as you pass by, especially when worn with the ruffled skort shown above. The modish but simple fit and style of this tennis top, fused with its dri-fit feature, truly make it a must-have.

Made of very soft and comfortable material, such wrist bands will not only go with your grey-themed outfit but will also work its functions well in protecting your wrists while playing and wicking away that sweat.

With built-in shorts and tiered ruffles in black and varying shades of grey, this tennis skort will surely be a great addition to your wardrobe on and off the court. It is made with moisture-wicking fabric and an elastic waist band for maximum comfort.

Be creative with this cute bandana, which can be flipped and folded in many ways to suit your mood and appearance. Use it to keep your hair away from your face while you are focusing on your tennis moves. This bandana also offers ClimaLite technology and SPF25 protection.

Durable, stylish, and functional - these are the amazing features of this bag by famous designer Stella McCartney. With silver toned buckles and pockets for holding tennis accessories, this grey sports duffel bag is perfect for carrying over to the courts and looking smashing with it while being useful for your clothes, shoes, water bottle, etc.

This stylish dress will make you an instant winner in fashion when you go for that tennis game! Its light grey figure-hugging design with the slight orange combination is great for the sexy but sporty look you want to achieve.

Of course you will have to complete your tennis ensemble with great stylish shoes from a trusted brand. This pair of white and grey tennis shoes has a modern, trendy design and is known for its amazing comfort and breathability. It is perfect for playing the sport because of its ground-gripping and cushioning features.

Grey is considered a neutral and classic color, that is great for matching with bright colors such as pink, aqua, and orange. It is also very suitable for white and black pieces to achieve a classy and chic look on the court.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Online Tennis Games You Will Enjoy

Even the busiest tennis players take a break from time to time. They prefer to lounge around the house, watching television and hanging out with friends. Some like to go shopping and dining out with loved ones. There are also others who enjoy engaging in other sports and physical activities in order to try something new or simply to have fun. Meanwhile, there are also those who choose to go to the spa or salon for a rejuvenating experience before getting back on the court.

For the homebodies who are simply in love with tennis even off-court, they like to engage in online tennis games. This is also a favorite activity for tennis enthusiasts who cannot play the real game.

Here are some online tennis games you will enjoy:

This tennis manager game will not test your skills in playing computer tennis, but in managing the careers of various tennis players. This should be an exciting game for tennis lovers as the competition and suspense make it a thrilling and addictive experience. Get to hire players and sign them up for tournaments, as well as help them climb the ladder of success in the world of tennis! You will experience having some players fall out, and some make it to the top, even getting called to join the national team. You have to keep searching for new talents also in order to keep your points growing. Certainly, this is an enjoyable tennis game that will hone your skills in management and will keep you glued to the computer screen for hours.

For a simpler kind of game which is also very easy to learn, you can go for Tennis Titans. This is an action tennis game that will allow you to choose among colorful and amusing characters as players and to strategize your game on the court with your moves. There are four wonderful courts that you can select from, as well as two game modes--- classic and rings. You will also have fun with the amazing 3D graphics used here.

If you prefer a flash type of action game that does not really take much effort, but is just great for passing the time and amusing yourself for a short period, then you can try Tennis Game. This can be played online in exhibition or tournament mode. You can adjust the forehand, backhand, serve, and footwork levels of the players with combinations that affect their game. This specific online tennis game, however, is not as exciting as others and will not leave you awestruck with its very simple graphics. Nevertheless, it is still enjoyable for individuals who like "mini games".

This is a 3D flash game for people who love this sport and would like some fast-paced tournament action on the Internet. The virtual court action will keep you focused on the monitor and bring you entertainment, while enhancing your computer gaming skills and even your reflex moves and strategic skills. It will surely flame up your competitive spirit too!

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Kate Spade: Tennis Anyone?

Tennis attracts more and more fashion designers. Now Kate Spade's spring collection includes tennis-inspired items. There are a number of tops, totes, wallets and accessories that combine the worlds of tennis and fashion.
Check out our picks

Kate Spade New York - Tennis Anyone Lucille Top (Sprout/Cream) - Apparel
Kate Spade New York - Daycation Bon Shopper Magazine (Charm Tennis) - Bags and Luggage

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Different Tennis Shorts for Women

When it comes to tennis fashion, an important piece of clothing that many women prefer to play in is tennis shorts. This is because such apparel is very comfortable, allowing air to circulate better in the body and enabling them to move more freely especially with the wide and quick leg movements involved in tennis. Thus, female players love to have a collection of different shorts which they match with various stylish tops.

Below are different tennis shorts for women that are both very trendy and comfortable. These are the ones that are usually donned as they are, often for practices and for some games too.

Nike - Power Knit Short 2011 (Black/White) - Apparel
This pair, which comes in black or white, is stylish in a simple manner. It has a double-layer design with a vented hem and an elastic waist. It sure is comfortable too due to the dri-fit fabric and the narrow fit.
Among the different shorts available in the market, this is certainly one of the must-haves. It is sporty-looking but still chic, and it comes in many cute colors like pink, blue, and aqua. What's great about its design is the diagonal lines on the side, the curved hem, and the elastic waist band with the words "LOVE TENNIS" on the inside. You can maximize the comfort level with its dri-fit material along with built-in compression shorts for added support.

When you go shopping for different shorts for tennis, it is always best to add the classic white pair in your tennis wardrobe. For instance, these particular shorts from Adidas have a nice look and fit. The athletic design with the single black stripe on the waist and the matching drawcord will certainly be attractive on the court. Of course you should also consider its great comfort and adjustability.

You can certainly stand out with these bright-colored shorts from Nike, boasting of great fit and flair with a modern design. What's more, this pair will certainly not put you down function-wise as its dri-fit microfiber fabric gives the utmost comfort and its mesh sides provide ventilation. There is also an elastic waistband that comes with a hidden drawcord for easy asjustment. There are a number of colors available to choose from.

adidas by Stella McCartney - Tennis Woven Short (Continental Grey) - Apparel

The oversized front pockets of these shorts are the highlight of the design. Top it off with the drawstring waist band and the back pockets too, and you have a pair of trendy shorts perfect for fashion-conscious tennis players. You will certainly find satisfaction with these tennis woven shorts as part of the different tennis shorts you are using because these are made with climaproof fabric that are comfortable and that provide protection from wind and rain. The shorts are also available in white. Stay tuned for our review on different tennis shorts for men which is coming soon...

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Selection Of Tennis Tank Tops Right For You

If women a long time ago wore long-sleeved blouses and cardigans as well as tight-sleeved jackets when playing tennis, the staple top today is tennis tank tops. For many years now, these tops have offered players the opportunity to be more comfortable while engaging in this sweat-inducing, intense game. They can now move more freely and feel more at ease with the lightweight and breathable materials that are used at present. This is very helpful in keeping them focused and in enhancing their game too. What's more, wearing such tops make them appear more fashionable on the court.

Currently, there is a multitude of tennis tank tops that female players can select from depending on which one is most comfy for them and which style they prefer. This could also be based on their budget. More often than not, many serious players buy several of these to mix and match with their tennis shorts and skirts.

Take a look at some of the stylish and functional tennis tank tops you can avail today:

If you do not want to show a lot of skin while on the court but would like to still be flexible, you can go for this athletic-looking sleeveless tank. It is simple yet stylish with a trendy U-slit at the neckline. Furthermore, this is surely a winner when it comes to functionality because of its moisture removal technology combined with its SPF 30 protection feature.

When you talk of chic tennis tops, this one should be at the top of your list. Not only does the brand assure you of great quality but the design itself is very trendy and modern, with a blousy fit and a lovely bright pattern on the top part. It also boasts of Formotion technology, which enables wearers to be more flexible with their movements.

When you put this tank on, you will really make an unforgettable fashion statement on the court. The design is very stylish yet sporty in a sexy manner. It has an embossed front design, with very lovely color choices. There are also built-in stabilizers. Such tennis tank tops are perfect for comfort too because of the fit and the material made of polyester and spandex. Its dri-fit technology will keep you cool and dry even after a rigorous game.

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