Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tennis Fashion Wish List: The Beauty of Grey

Whoever said that grey is a dull color probably fails to measure up to the modern fashion savvy individual of today. Indeed the recent years in the fashion world have been witness to the popularity of grey-colored clothes and accessories done in very stylish designs. The same goes for tennis fashion.

Here is our wish list for a trendy selection of tennis grey must-haves:

This sleeveless tank will certainly be a great match for the grey ruffled skort featured here. Its modish design and functional fabric has made it a popular choice for many women tennis players.

A tank top like this one is sure to turn heads as you pass by, especially when worn with the ruffled skort shown above. The modish but simple fit and style of this tennis top, fused with its dri-fit feature, truly make it a must-have.

Made of very soft and comfortable material, such wrist bands will not only go with your grey-themed outfit but will also work its functions well in protecting your wrists while playing and wicking away that sweat.

With built-in shorts and tiered ruffles in black and varying shades of grey, this tennis skort will surely be a great addition to your wardrobe on and off the court. It is made with moisture-wicking fabric and an elastic waist band for maximum comfort.

Be creative with this cute bandana, which can be flipped and folded in many ways to suit your mood and appearance. Use it to keep your hair away from your face while you are focusing on your tennis moves. This bandana also offers ClimaLite technology and SPF25 protection.

Durable, stylish, and functional - these are the amazing features of this bag by famous designer Stella McCartney. With silver toned buckles and pockets for holding tennis accessories, this grey sports duffel bag is perfect for carrying over to the courts and looking smashing with it while being useful for your clothes, shoes, water bottle, etc.

This stylish dress will make you an instant winner in fashion when you go for that tennis game! Its light grey figure-hugging design with the slight orange combination is great for the sexy but sporty look you want to achieve.

Of course you will have to complete your tennis ensemble with great stylish shoes from a trusted brand. This pair of white and grey tennis shoes has a modern, trendy design and is known for its amazing comfort and breathability. It is perfect for playing the sport because of its ground-gripping and cushioning features.

Grey is considered a neutral and classic color, that is great for matching with bright colors such as pink, aqua, and orange. It is also very suitable for white and black pieces to achieve a classy and chic look on the court.

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