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Monday, February 28, 2011

Maria Sharapova for Cole Haan's Spring Collection

2011 fashion seems to be really inspired by ballet. First, Stella McCartney's ballet-themed tennis collection presented by Caroline Wozniacki, now Cole Haan featuring Maria Sharapova as their face in an ad campaign for the Spring 2011 collection, where the tennis star could easily be mistaken for a ballet dancer.
 maria sharapova in cole haan spring 2011 campaign
Though Maria is not the only face of the campaign (it also includes songwriter and producer Theophilus London, artist Kate Neckel and several entrepreneurs), she has been working with Cole Haan since 2009.

Maria is not only a face of the collection, she has been actively participating in shoe and bag design. Here are a couple of other pictures from the Spring 2011 ad campaign.
maria sharapova cole haan 2011 ad campaign 
 maria sharapova cole haan campaign
 maria sharapova for cole haan spring 2011 campaign
Check our picks of The Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan collection of handbags and shoes or browse the whole collection here.

Our Picks


Cole Haan - Air Jasmine Open Toe Pump - $228
Cole Haan - Air Renfrow Wedge (Marble Nubuck) - Footwear Cole Haan - Air Jasmine Open Toe Pump (Pumice Leather) - Footwear
Cole Haan - Air Viola Open Toe Pump (Black Lizard-Embossed) - Footwear Cole Haan - Air Bacara Ballet (Pacific Nubuck) - Footwear
Cole Haan Maria Small Triple Zip Satchel Marble - Shoulder Bag
Cole Haan Maria Small Hobo Black Lamb - Shoulder Bag

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sport This! Mikhail Youzhny's and Caroline Wozniacki's Fashion at Dubai

With the 2011 tennis season in full swing, we are on the hunt for the best examples of on-court fashion, but be warned…we are a little bit picky.  Tennis styles have to pass a myriad of tests in order to survive our shrewd selection process.  

Number One:  The outfit needs to be comfortable - body temperature and the ability to move freely on court both affect performance, performance affects attitude, and attitude affects style!  This goes for accessories as well.  If you are distracted by headbands, hats, visors or wrist bands – by all means, don’t wear them.  

Number Two:  We like color – but don’t go overboard.  A little color shows a player with personality – all whites, blacks and grays just don’t cut it…unless you’re Andre Agassi – he earned the right to occasionally go “all black.”  

Number Three:  For the love of Johnny Mac, coordinate!  Pick a few colors and stick to them.  It’s great to have skills, but looking good while you’re beating up on your opponent is, well…gravy! 

We love this look by Adidas that Mikhail Youzhny is “sporting” at the Dubai Open.  Featuring black, white and a hint of lime green, he looks cool, comfortable and stylish.  Way to go, Mikhail, you passed our tests with flying colors!
 Russia's Mikhail Youzhny during his match with Gilles Simon of France at the ATP Dubai Open

On the female side, we like this hassle-free Stella McCartney design for Caroline Wozniacki and Adidas.  This bright, tangerine shade is a good choice for fair-haired women, and the brightly-painted nails and shoe stripes add a nice touch!  Good job, Caroline!
Caroline Wozniacki Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark plays a shot in her quarter-final match against Shahar Peer of Israel  during day five of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships at the Dubai Tennis Stadium on February 18, 2011 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 
Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki during her quarter-final match against Shahar Peer of Israel at the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships

Sport Caroline's Dubai Look

 adidas - Tennis Performance Tank
adidas by Stella McCartney - Tennis Skirt (White) - Apparel
Adidas Court Ace Shoes (available in Europe only) 

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rafael Nadal - a New Face of Armani

Rafa Nadal has recently become a new face of Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans. Among  past representatives of Armani House were legendary soccer players David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Thierry Henry. 

As Giorgio Armani explained to El Pais

      Nadal is a real phenomenon, probably the best player who has
      stepped on a court, with awesome power and agility. I am 
      delighted to see him play in every match. He is the ideal image 
      because he represents a healthy and positive model for young 

A couple of pictures from the shoot:

Thanks to our friends from A Glam Slam for passing this exciting news.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tennis Fashion on the Runway

Does it happen that tennis fashion influences the off-court fashion? It certainly does. Jean Paul Gaultier turned the runway into a tennis court for his 2010 ready-to-wear spring-summer collection for the house of Hermes.
The pleated skirts, polo T-Shirts, long length cardigans and polo-style dresses which sassily fell off the shoulder were complimented by headbands, tennis bags and rackets. The tennis match on the background completed the look.

As for the inspiration, Gaultier told, 

        I don’t recall her name, I know nothing about tennis. I saw a photo 
        of her from the 20s or 30s, and I liked her silhouette, and I said 
        ‘allez, let’s play tennis.’

Well, you shouldn't be a guru of tennis to guess - Suzanne Lenglen, tennis diva of 1920-s! 

Do you like the idea and the collection itself? Tell us your thoughts!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Ruffles - Do or Don't?

Ruffles have made a lot of controversies recently. Remember Nadia Petrova's Aussie Open outfit? Now Fila is introducing ruffled court shorties in ebony, white and hot pink.  

Do you like the idea? Would you wear ruffles on court? Is it a Do or a Don't in tennis? Answer our poll, we would like to know your thoughts!

Is ruffled short a do or a don't?
Don't free polls

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Favorite Finds for cool-weather tennis play!

After a marathon winter, springtime is almost here!  This is welcome news for some tennis-hungry gals and guys who have been patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waiting to play tennis outdoors.  In some parts of the country, folks are lucky enough to play year round, but weather can still be erratic and streaky – just like the careers of certain male and female tennis professionals.

That is why for tennis gals, we suggest this great cool-weather look from our friends at SmashGal.  SmashGal is the dream child of a couple of league-tennis teammates who were frustrated with the availability of great looking, yet affordable tennis wear.  SmashGal offers comfortable and stylish tennis clothing, and to keep it affordable, they sell their made-in-the-USA tennis wear directly to the consumer – so there’s no middle-man markup!  SmashGal serves up a sizable selection of tennis tops, skirts and shorties, available in various colors and prints.  This cute and colorful combo features a black warm-up jacket and comfy capris with two functional ball pockets to stay toasty in early spring weather.
For tennis dudes, we recommend this bold and brash, 100% cotton, long-sleeved t-shirt for cool-weather play!  Couple this with a pair of Lacoste warm-up tennis pants and you’ll be serving and hitting in style – all while staying warm and comfortable!   
Find this great-looking Lacoste shirt and a variety of other cool-weather tennis tops and bottoms at TennisWarehouse – but be ready to surf through a HUGE selection of brand names and products from hats, visors and active wear on down to shoes and socks!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Origin of the Tennis Bracelet

 Serena Williams models Harry Winston diamond tennis bracelet
There are few women that don’t gasp at just the term “tennis bracelet”.  And though the tennis bracelet has become a piece of jewellery worn by all walks of women, even those that have never set a foot on the courts, it does have its roots in the sport of tennis.  The sport of tennis is one that begun on tradition, and is based on tradition, and the beautiful piece of jewellery known as the tennis bracelet is no different.

Today’s tennis bracelet is a piece of jewellery that is described as timeless and elegant.  It is marked by a simple bracelet that is made of a number of gemstones that are then connected to each other as a chain.  This chain of gems is then worn around the wrist, and is suitable in a professional office setting, black tie event, or even when you are lunching with the girls on a Saturday afternoon.

Like many trends in tennis fashion, the tennis bracelet trend was one initiated by the infamous Chris Evert.  Who knew that Evert, one of the greatest women tennis players of all time, would also be a trendsetter?
It was the 1987 U.S. Open where celebrity tennis star Chris Evert wore a bracelet made of nothing but a string of diamonds.  During her match, the clasp on the bracelet broke and went tumbling all over the courts.  Chris Evert was not about to lose her cool over it, but in an unprecedented moment in tennis history, the game was halted so that she could recover her jewels.  Indeed she did, and at that moment, the “tennis bracelet” was born. 
Today, tennis bracelets are cherished items worn for any occasion, marking anniversaries, celebrations, and even seen on the red carpet on A list celebrities.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

It's All in the Bag: What You Should Have in the Tennis Bag

There is one thing to be said about fashion emergencies, but if you happen to have one of those while you are on the tennis court, it could be disastrous.  Not just to your style, but to your game.  The last thing you want during a big tournament or match is to have your last string pop on what may end up being your very last nerve as well.  No matter what your level is in the game of tennis, you can never be too prepared.  Perhaps you are the type who already totes around a heavy laden bag mixed with all of the “essentials” or perhaps you are a newbie lacing up your first shoe.  Either way, we will talk today on what essentials you SHOULD have in that bag.  Make sure you keep these must haves in your handy dandy tennis bag, and you’ll never forfeit a tourney to a fashion emergency again. 

1. An extra racket and extra balls.  Need we say more?  You never know when you will need extra, but you don’t want to find out by falling into an emergency situation.  By having an extra set or two of balls on hand you’ll also become seen as a generous and well prepared tennis player.

2.  Water, Gatorade or any other energy drink.  You won’t be able to win if you don’t stay hydrated.  Extra water or electrolyte replenishing fluids like Gatorade are an absolute must have, whether your courts are indoor or outdoor.

3.  Sun and Sweat – Hat/Visor or Shades/Headband.  This will keep your head cool, and may be another one of those you won’t know until you need it that you need it.  It will also keep the sun out of your eyes.  If sweat is an issue for you, this will help, though a terry cloth headband will do just the trick as well if you aren’t a hat person.  Keep fresh extras on hand though, as headbands tend to get wet fast and the last thing you want to keep on is a soaked headband.  Most facilities will now allow for sunglasses to be worn on the courts as well.

4.  Extra towels and socks.  If you are playing for a long day, you will get moist rather quickly.  Keep a few pairs of socks to change in between sets as they will sweat up fast and will lead to blistering, which will impair your game.  Extra towels are useful for the same purpose.  If sweat is a major concern for you, an extra op will feel great in between matches and refresh you to just where you need to be before your next game.

5. First aid.  Just keep the basics, if something urgent occurs there will be staff or aid on hand at most facilities and tournaments to attend to you.  Band aids and cream are popular choices for tennis bags because of blistering that can occur on long sweaty days.  For outdoor players, sunscreen is just as important a first aid tool as any, as is bug spray if you will be playing in late afternoon or early evening hours when bugs are in prime time during summer months.  That being said, ointment for sunburns or bug bites is just as helpful, as may be allergy medication for major bites or allergic reactions in seasonal weather.

6. Pen and Paper.  Tennis is a sport that involves a healthy share of networking, mixed with a healthy dose of competition.  Keeping a journal or note pad in your bag will help you keep track of your scores if that is meaningful to you, or also keep you prepared if you are interacting or exchanging information with prospective new tennis partners or players.

And what do you have in your tennis bag?

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Friday, February 11, 2011

History of the “Tennis Whites”

There is no question that tennis and fashion go hand in hand, and the history of tennis fashion proves that the style for this game has certainly evolved over time.  But one thing that has not changed (much) when it comes to tennis fashion is the standard of wearing “tennis whites” on the courts.  In fact it is the most famous tennis Open of all, Wimbledon, that has created this tradition, and in a 127 year history, Wimbledon’s tradition is one that is still revered and respected today.  Wearing tennis whites is still an important part of the 127 year long tradition that is Wimbledon, but the fashion standard of wearing tennis whites has certainly changed over time.

As with most fashion standards, it has been the women players of this sport that have led to evolutions that exist today in tennis fashion.  It was women that led to the shorter skirts and sleeveless tops that are standard tennis attire today.  In 1890, Wimbledon imposed a strict tennis whites rule as this became the common color to wear on the court, as it was the color that best hid sweat stains.  Because playing tennis, even back in 1890, was an elite sport where one wanted to “look good” the form of tennis whites became a sport staple.

From 1890 to present, Wimbledon wants athletes to maintain a conservative look, and has carried the tennis whites tradition to contemporary Wimbledon fashion.  It was shortly after World War I when women players began to express a more open minded approach to tennis fashion.  1922 was the first time when color appeared on the court in bandeau form, when Suzanne Lenglen bravely donned a hair bandeau in a bright bold color that definitely had people talking.  For other women players at the time, with no heavy criticism from Wimbledon, this meant an open door to bend the rules on “tennis whites”.
Tennis fashion that strayed beyond the golden standard of tennis whites would not change so drastically until the Williams sisters came on the scene.  Serena and Venus Williams dominated Wimbledon and many other of the infamous tennis opens throughout the late ‘90’s.  And people were not just talking about their amazing talent, but also about their fashion.  These were players that knew how to play with the Wimbledon Cup traditional standard, with Serena still showing on court for the U.S. Open in a denim skirt and boots!

Does this mean that “tennis whites” are gone for good? Never.  Tennis is a sport that revels in tradition and respect, and Wimbledon will never veer from a 127 year old tradition.  Even the infamous Williams sisters who love to push the envelope respect the Wimbledon rule.  

As you can see here, both Serena and Venus adopted stylish and sleek tennis whites for Wimbledon 2010.  Serena went for a more streamlined look by Nike adopting the strawberries and cream theme inspired by Wimbledon, where her sister Venus went a little more flashy in traditional tennis whites she designed herself, in a look inspired by one of her favorites, Tina Turner.
 Serena Williams and Venus Williams - The Championships - Wimbledon 2010: Day Nine
Tennis whites are not a thing of the past, it is all about making it your own, and the Williams sisters are perfect examples of staying with tradition, and making tradition contemporary.  What has changed is the conservative nature of how strict these rules are kept, ensuring the world of fashion and tennis always stays en pointe with a contemporary world, in one of the world’s most traditional sports.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Creative Tennis Fashion Ads

An effective advertisement should be funny, clever, and distinctive. Here is a bunch of creative ads featuring tennis clothing brands and sports stores selling tennis gear. Are they effective? What are your favorites?

Artengo. 671C Shoes. Resists everything except the desire to play.
Artengo/Tennis shoes: Macadam

Artengo. 671C tennis shoes. Highly effective shock absorption.
Artengo tennis shoes: Ming vase

Artengo. 671C shoes. The art of clay court sliding.
Artengo tennis shoes: Ice Rink

Vector tennis shoes from Power.
Power Boots: Tennis pitch

New Balance. Run with the heart.
New Balance: Heart

From tennis to karate. All sports, one place. Centauro. Your sport is our passion.
Centauro: From Tennis to Karate

Decathlon. Come with old gear. Leave with new.
Decathlon: Tennis

Decathlon. The biggest sports store ever.
Decathlon: Tennis

Skins. More speed. More power. More stamina.
Skins: Tennis

Slazenger tennis racquets.
Slazenger Tennis Racquets: Nuke

Reebok sportswear. Tennis
Reebok Sportswear: Tennis

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