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Selecting a Tennis Bag that Suits You Best

One of the most important things that you will need to invest in when you intend to play tennis is your very own tennis bag. At the moment, there are a lot of options available in the market which tennis players can pick from. These come in a vast array of designs, shapes, sizes, materials, and brands. Hence, it is best for you to know how you can select the right one for you.

How Serious Are You?

The first question you will have to ask yourself is this: How serious are you about this sport? Do you intend to play for a long time, or to get involved in competitions? Your level of earnestness in this game will help determine the kind of bag that you need to purchase and use.

If you plan to take tennis seriously or if you are training to become a pro, then you should really invest in a reliable bag with an esteemed and trusted brand in this field. It should certainly be something that you can make use of for a long time. Thus, you need one that is durable and made with first-class quality.

Furthermore, it would be good to choose one that utilizes climate control technology like Andy Murray's Head Monstercombi tennis bag. That will help ensure the proper protection for your tennis rackets. This way, you will also be able to keep these essential rackets away from dust, moisture, heat, and cold, and be able to preserve the string tension too.

Being serious about tennis also means that you will probably have more than two rackets soon, if not now. You will most likely be bringing a number of these rackets along with other tennisaccessories and tennis apparel. Hence, you need a tennis bag that can accommodate these things.

Where and Why Do You Play?

Aside from your seriousness, one other consideration you must not forget is the place or venue of the games. For instance, if you play only locally and if it is just purely for leisure, you will most likely just have to use the 3-pack sort of tennis bag like infamous Babolat Team 3 Pack Blue Tennis Bag ($49.95) or maybe a tennis backpack. Here you can choose either a traditional backpack like Wilson Roger Federer Tennis Backpack ($50), or a trendier option produced by Whak Sak, Life is Tennis or 40 Love Courture. Meanwhile, if you are an advanced player who joins local tournaments every now and then and plays in sports arenas or in official training facilities for tennis, then you may want to go for the 6-pack or 12-pack type instead. Moreover, if you compete abroad, you should pick out those with added features that are appropriate for traveling, such as tennis bags with wheels and padded shoulder straps.
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What Do You Bring?

Think about the usual items that you bring with you whenever you play tennis. How many tennis rackets do you carry? Do you often bring several extra clothes? Do you have your own set of tennis balls? Do you usually bring food? These are just some of the questions you have to ask yourself in order to determine the kind of bag that suits you best.

For example, beginner players and those who simply play for recreational purposes often choose backpacks that can carry 1 or 2 rackets and some other items. But for those who play professionally, it is better to select tennis bags with bigger compartments for multiple rackets. This will allow you to always be ready if you want to change grip, string tension, and other features simply by getting a different racket.

Check out the various additional features of tennis bags nowadays. There are styles that have insulated food compartments and accessories compartments. There are also those that offer ventilated wet and dry storage partitions, plus shoe containers that are anti-microbial.

Remember to keep these selection considerations before buying a tennis bag. If you are looking for something trendy and unusual, check our article on designer tennis bags for women. And to make sure you have everything you need, check the article What You Should Have In Your Tennis Bag.

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