Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tennis Socks for Men and Women

Some people may think that as long as you have your racket, a great-looking outfit made especially for a game on the tennis courts, and a good pair of tennis shoes, you are already set to go. Keep in mind that this kind of sport can be quite strenuous and entails a lot of backbreaking and ongoing vigorous movements. Hence, you will have to be very comfortable in what you are wearing.

A lot of beginners in this sport tend to overlook the importance of putting on a suitable and comfortable pair of tennis socks. It is crucial to invest in good socks both for male and female tennis players. Here are some things you will have to keep in mind when choosing your socks:
  • Wearing a good pair of socks with the right fit will protect your feet and help you to avoid injuries when your feet keep being pushed into the edge of your shoes. Your toes definitely need that additional cushion. You must also stay away from socks that keep moving or sliding.

  • It is important as well to not wear socks that are too short or cut low. Although this will help you to lessen the discomfort of heat being trapped around your ankles and legs, you may end up with many sores and blisters after a game.

  • Try to look for tennis socks that are seamless, so as to provide greater comfort. You may also want to opt for those with a breathable mesh vent at the top part.

  • There are also socks with special features like moisture management, temperature management, anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties, and form-fitting figures. Such extra features are especially made for athletes like you.

  • Instead of scrimping on your socks, remember that these are also vital in playing tennis. Consider the purchase an investment and just be sure to get those that give you value for your money.

  • Go for designs that will be more useful since they can be matched with almost anything.
Our Picks - Socks made specially for tennis
Thorlos - Thin Cushion Tennis Micro Mini Crew 3-Pair Pack (Pink) - HosieryThorlos - Tennis Crew Thick Cushion 3-Pair Pack (White) - Hosiery
If you still do not have decent socks for playing tennis, it's about time you start shopping for a few pairs. Who knows? This simple piece of clothing might just help you improve your game a bit more or even a lot more!

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I don't get this. "A lot of beginners in this sport tend to overlook the importance of putting on a suitable and comfortable pair of tennis socks." Could you please enlighten me on this? I keep following all your posts hope you can regularly post more. I get very useful information here. Thanks for having this.

sports supplies tennis

Thanks for your comment and for following the blog. That sentence just means that not every sock out there suits the tennis player in terms of comfort and support during the game.

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