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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Tennis Fashion Hits (and Misses) in 2011 – “The Guys”

As tennis aficionados, we relish the running, serving, hitting and smashing that makes up a Grand Slam tournament. This year did not disappoint – there were plenty of action-packed moments! From a “fashionista” perspective however, we also enjoy gawking at (and of course, commenting on) the latest tennis styles. Here’s how the guys stacked up in 2011.


Two shirts from the same company??

 “Standard-issue” Roger Federer from Nike: understated and classic with just a hint of bright color to accent the clean and cool white fabric. As expected, a clear HIT!

Really Nike?? We are astonished that the company would claim this sleeveless T - the antithesis of the shirt above. It is all over the place! Poland’s Lukasz Kubot no doubt shopped the outlet sale for this mixed up MISS!

THE FRENCH OPEN - Dueling Misses

 Busy, busy, busy…MISS!

 Referee or tennis player? That is the question. MISS!


 MISS! While Roger’s style is typically elegant and tasteful, we have our limits! A sweater vest on the practice court is over-the-top pretentious!

 While still showing support for his sponsor, Andy is anything but pretentious in his Adidas garb…a playful and boisterous HIT!

Unshaved, short-sleeved shirts with lined details, white caps…you’d think these guys were pals or something! Andy and Mardy both sport styles that are cool and comfortable HITS!

Keep an eye out for more commentary and fun articles in the coming 2012 season!! 

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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Tennis Fashion Hits (and Misses) in 2011 – “The Gals”

Although we love all of the action that a good Grand Slam brings, part of the fun is catching up on the latest on-court styles. Check out our play-by-play hits and misses for 2011!


While there were a few comely outfits turned out by a couple of female players at the Aussie Open, we wanted to give attention to a couple of SERIOUS misses…in hopes that we never have to see them (or anything like them) again!

This monstrosity posing as a “tennis dress” features some very obvious problems: the fit, the back zipper which looks like it was constructed by a 6th grade sewing student and an overall absence of class or style… yikes!!!

Is Kim Clijster’s taste level really this bad, or is she simply too nice to say, “NO” to her long-time sponsor? A little green goes a long way! Just a button-collar, white, cotton shirt would have made all the difference!


Fresh and fun…we love the pop of color and bright white accents in this Adidas outfit, tastefully put together by Maria Kirilenko! Our grade: A+++

 In the battle of the big sponsors, this one-shouldered, Nike dress thrown over a black sports bra is just a sad, frilly MISS or mess…whichever way you want to view it!


Blond vs. Blond: While Miss Sharapova sports a very comfortable, classic and well-fitting HIT, Miss Mattek-Sands is, as usual, SANS style in this unattractive and distracting MISS!!! One word: “Ugh!”


Julia Goerges is full of focus in this cute, comfy and sporty ensemble (left), a definite HIT, while Nadia Petrova decked in a multi-colored MISS (right) prays for much-needed style!

Stay Tuned for Part Two - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Tennis Fashion Hits (and Misses) in 2011 – “The Guys”

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tennis Players with Panache – Fashionistas of 2011

This was an exciting year for tennis: Novak Djokovic had an amazing run displaying remarkable athleticism, and the end-of-year, 17-match winning streak from Roger Federer had us wondering if he still has something left in the tank. In terms of style, there were a few surprises, but our tried-and-true cast of characters sported the bulk of terrific tennis fashion in 2011.

Our Grand Prize for All-Around Style in the Men’s Category goes to – drumroll please - 

Off court and on, Roger is the “picture” of excellent tailoring, seemingly effortless style and good taste. He stands out in subtle shades like gray and navy, but also rocks the red as shown in this on-court ensemble from the 2011 World Tour Finals.

 In fact, we have never seen a photo of Roger that we didn’t like. Whether he’s nicely filling out a signature T-shirt and shorts on the practice court or stylishly sporting a Hugo Boss suit, the Fed has arrived as a true fashion icon.

Our Grand Prize for All-Around Style in the Women’s Category goes to… 

While always perfectly put together, for some reason, Maria’s style appears to be just a bit more contrived than that of the Fed Express - perhaps it has to do with confidence level. Needless to say, Miss Sharapova continually radiates beauty and charm both on court and off. Her most valuable asset? Her stylist.

Comfortable yet sexy…a WINNING combination!

Our Prize for Best On-Court Style in the Men’s Category goes to…Rafael Nadal!

Nobody, but no BODY, can “bring” the bright color like Rafa Nadal! He’s not too shabby in basic black either, as evidenced by the photo at this year’s Rolex Shanghai Masters.

And speaking of eye-catching outfits, the 2011 Prize for Best On-Court Style in the Women’s Category goes to none other than…Ana Ivanovic! A dark brown mane, pearly white teeth and skin that glows with a little perspiration…Ana was made for styles that feature bold, bright color! Even though her game may lately be a bit lacking, we always look forward to seeing this visually-pleasing and charming young lady!

Our 2011 Honorable Mention “Fashionistas on the Rise”

Fernando Verdasco

We mourn the fact that he and Ana Ivanovic are no longer dating…they would have made such pretty babies!!!

Maria Kirilenko

Pretty in pink!!!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Top Five Tennis Fashion Must-Haves for Women

As a tennis player, looking good on the court does not only entail smooth, swift moves with your tennis racket. If you are clad in your old sweats with strands of your hair sticking on your forehead and you are wearing a pair of disdainful tennis shoes that you have not cleaned for more than a year, no amount of skill will make people admire you or even want to watch you!

Hence, you should keep in mind that tennis is not just all about performing the sport itself. Since the game involves only two or four people playing, the focus is limited to just the ones on the court. In addition, this sport is very visual as compared with chess, for instance. This is why it is important to be fashionable too if you want to seriously engage in tennis.

So what are the top five tennis fashion must-haves for women?

1. Cute Tennis Skirt - When it comes to tennis fashion for women, tons of fun and cute tennis skirts have come out in the market. Be sure to choose one that suits your personality and flatters your figure too. For example, if you are naturally confident and stylish, you can surely wear a bright-colored and even patterned skirt perfectly. When it comes to hiding large behinds and elongating your legs, you must go for streamlined skirts instead of the pleated ones.
We Recommend
Nike - Smash Classic Pleated Skirt (Obsidian/White/White) - Apparel
2. Stylish Tennis Visor- Looking trendy and modish when playing tennis also involves sporting that stylish tennis visor that matches your tennis attire. It is not only fashionable but also functional, as it provides more comfort for women with long hair. It also allows the fresh air to touch the back of your head while in front, you are shaded from the sunlight.
We Recommend
Loudmouth Golf - White Shag White Visor (White/Shag White) - Hats
3. Hip Tennis Bag and Racket Cover- Nowadays, most women like to go for tote bags or backpacks that have matching racket covers. Choose a nice pattern in your favorite color, such as pink and white stripes or blue and green plaids. Or you can go for neutral and plain-colored ones that can complement any of your tennis outfits. You can even have several sets so you have alternatives that can suit your complete ensemble. Check out our list of top 10 trendiest tennis bags.

We Recommend

4. Nice Tennis Towel- Grabbing any towel is certainly a big no-no in tennis fashion! You should invest in several tennis towels that are clean and new-looking as well as stylish too. You can pick colored ones that have embroideries or patches of cute tennis-related designs such as tennis rackets, tennis visors, and amusing lady figures playing tennis. You can even have your towels personalized with your monogram or name. Want something special and unusual? Check out a cooling towel which will cool you down no matter how hot is outside.
We Recommend

5. Cute Tennis Hair Accessories - Your hair is your crowning glory, so it must always look neat and nice especially when you are running and jumping around on the court. Hence, if you are not wearing a visor, you can have your hair in braids and ponies, embellished with cute accessories like garterized headbands and colorful barrettes and pins. You can go for plain ones or those with designs like flowers made of cloth and miniature plastic tennis rackets.
We Recommend
Juicy Couture - Set Of 3 Headbands (Yellow) - Accessories

Enjoy mix and matching your tennis fashion must-haves to achieve varying but equally impactful tennis wardrobes each time you have a game.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Strong and Beautiful WTA new global ad campaign

The first in a series of advertisements for "Strong is Beautiful" - WTA's new global ad campaign - this :30 second commercial focuses on all of the characteristics necessary to become a successful professional tennis player. World No.1 Caroline Wozniacki described the video this way:
"It takes so many elements to reach the top of such a competitive sport as tennis - strength of character, discipline, and will power. All of these things define who we are as people and as athletes. For me the new campaign is able to capture the inner strength of players in a beautiful way." 

Shot by famed Los Angeles photographer and filmmaker Dewey Nicks, the stunning imagery portrays the players in a unique way with an ultimate focus on their inner strength.

Featured players: Sam Stosur, Ana Ivanovic, Li Na, Caroline Wozniacki, Vera Zvonareva, Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka & Kim Clijsters.

'Countries', the second commercial in the "Strong is Beautiful" global ad campaign, celebrates the global reach of women's tennis yet lets us know that no matter where the players come from, all of them share the same goal - to be the best in the world.

Serena Williams' ubiquitous self confidence comes through while assuring the viewer that the only reason she brings seven tennis outfits to each Grand Slam is because she intends on wearing them all, for each match she plans on winning.

China has a population of 1.3 billion people yet they've never had a No.1 player or a Grand Slam champion. China's Li Na talks about the pressure and hope of her country's 1.3 billion people on her shoulders, yet she is willing to take on the challenge.

While balancing motherhood and professional tennis is quite challenging, Kim Clijsters has taken on the challenge by devoting 100% of herself to tennis.....and 100% to raising Jada.

Victoria Azarenka is known for her power game, using every inch of her body to crush the ball. However, it's not physical strength alone that has propelled the Belarusian up the rankings, but mental prowess too.

Like numerous other players, Serbia's Ana Ivanovic has had to overcome hardships, growing up in war-torn Serbia. Growing up in war-torn Belgrade made tennis practice difficult but it didn't deter her from striving to be the best.

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