Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Tennis Fashion Hits (and Misses) in 2011 – “The Guys”

As tennis aficionados, we relish the running, serving, hitting and smashing that makes up a Grand Slam tournament. This year did not disappoint – there were plenty of action-packed moments! From a “fashionista” perspective however, we also enjoy gawking at (and of course, commenting on) the latest tennis styles. Here’s how the guys stacked up in 2011.


Two shirts from the same company??

 “Standard-issue” Roger Federer from Nike: understated and classic with just a hint of bright color to accent the clean and cool white fabric. As expected, a clear HIT!

Really Nike?? We are astonished that the company would claim this sleeveless T - the antithesis of the shirt above. It is all over the place! Poland’s Lukasz Kubot no doubt shopped the outlet sale for this mixed up MISS!

THE FRENCH OPEN - Dueling Misses

 Busy, busy, busy…MISS!

 Referee or tennis player? That is the question. MISS!


 MISS! While Roger’s style is typically elegant and tasteful, we have our limits! A sweater vest on the practice court is over-the-top pretentious!

 While still showing support for his sponsor, Andy is anything but pretentious in his Adidas garb…a playful and boisterous HIT!

Unshaved, short-sleeved shirts with lined details, white caps…you’d think these guys were pals or something! Andy and Mardy both sport styles that are cool and comfortable HITS!

Keep an eye out for more commentary and fun articles in the coming 2012 season!! 

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