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Thursday, May 31, 2012

French Open 2012 Tennis Fashion. Day 5: Adidas Girls - Ana Ivanovic and Maria Kirilenko

The fifth day of 2012 French Open left behind Maria Kirilenko who was beaten by Czech Klara Zakopalova. And though Ana Ivanovic will still be competing tomorrow, we think it's good time to review what Adidas has presented on women's side.

Ana is wearing a dress similar to the one she wore at Australian Open, but in different color combination (the color resembles Serena Wiliams' dress, though as for me, Serena's dress looked much better).
Ana Ivanovic, French Open 2012
Create Ana Ivanovic's 2012 French Open Look
Adidas - adizero Ana Ivanovic French Open 2012 Tennis Dress (comes with matching bra and shorts) - $80
adidas - adizero Dress (Super Green/Core Energy) - AppareladiZero Tempaia Shoes
Maria presented the clothing from Adidas Adipure line which looked really good taking into consideration bright colors that are hot this season and nice cut.
Maria Kirilenko, French Open 2012
Create Maria Kirilenko's 2012 French Open Look

adidas - Women's adipure Skort (Prime Ink Blue/Core Energy) - Apparel

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

French Open 2012 Tennis Fashion. Day 4: Venus Williams Style Change

The fourth day in the tournament became the last for Venus Williams, whose sister Serena lost yesterday in the first round for the first time in her career. Those who are following tennis and noticed Venus' return during the clay season, surely have noticed that she also changed her style - from radical and outrageous dresses to more traditional ones.
Venus Williams, French Open 2012
New collection of eleVen by Venus is actually available for purchase through Tennis Warehouse. Though there is not French Open dress yet, you can have a look at the outfit Venus sported at Sony Ericsson Open and other items from her new collection.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

French Open 2012 Tennis Fashion Day 3: Serena Williams In And Out Of The Tournament

One more shocking event at 2012 French Open - Serena Williams is out of the tournament right after her first match! It was really surprising that Serena lost to Virginie Rozzano of France who is not even in top 100 on WTA tour. Lots of hopes were there that Serena would win her second French Open title this year, especially after her successes this year on major clay courts before the French Open.
Serena Williams, French Open 2012
Speaking of fashion, Serena looked great. Her Nike dress in mint color with a faux wrap construction looked really stylish.

Create Serena Williams' 2012 French Open Look

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Monday, May 28, 2012

French Open 2012 Tennis Fashion. Day 2: Cibulkova and Cornet - Lacoste Women's Fashion

Since we've already touched Lacoste fashion at French Open speaking about Andy Roddick's 2012 French Open fashion, we would like to continue it and show what Lacoste presented on the women's side.
Alize Cornet, Dominica Cibulkova; French Open 2012
I really liked Alize Cornet's Lacoste dress in blue, which was also worn by Dominica Cibulkova, but in orange-red color. Orange-red seems to be one of the trendy tennis colors this season, as most of major brands use it in their collections, including Nike and adidas. Not sure if it's red clay inspiration or just a coincidence, but to my mind, it's too much red and orange and it'd be better to dress into something else when you are playing on a red clay anyway... The dress itself is classy and cute, and is also available in white (may be we'll see it once again on Wimbledon).

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French Open 2012 Tennis Fashion. Day 1: Andy Roddick's Outfit

French Open 2012 has started an we, at Trendy Tennis, are all ready for and excited about our daily fashion reviews! Actually we wanted to start with one of the most outrageous tennis fashionistas Venus Williams (who surprisingly changed her tennis fashion style), but the first day had some unexpected surprises in store, so we have to direct out attention to the guy whom we won't see again on this year's Paris courts...

The first day of 2012 French Open was shocking for all American fans. Andy Roddick lost in the first round to Nicolas Mahut of France. Andy hasn't been playing well lately and we haven't seen him much on the courts... Hopefully it doesn't mean that Andy's career is coming to the end... Anyway, we'd like to present Andy's outfit created by Lacoste - as always classy.
Andy Roddick, French Open 2012
Create Andy Roddick's Look
Lacoste - S/S Super Dry Polo w/ Chest Pocket and Contrast Collar (White/Royal Blue) - Apparel
Lacoste - Diamante Drawstring Short (Black) - Apparel

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plus Size Tennis Fashion

You do not have to be all slender and skinny just to be able to look fashionable on the tennis courts. Everyone wants to look their best and to be up-to-date with their sports attires. This is why plus size tennis fashion has become widespread already, with the big names in the sports clothing industry coming up with plenty of trendy and stylish tops, bottoms, and dresses made especially for the plus size women players. 

Tips on Choosing Plus Size Tennis Fashion

Before heading over to the shops or clicking on those cute and chic outfits for your next tennis games, keep these tips in mind first in picking out plus size tennis clothing:

1. Go for vertical and diagonal lines. At all times, you should avoid clothes with horizontal stripes or designs as these will make your frame appear wider. Instead, choose those with vertical lines which can make you seem longer so as to give a slimming illusion. Also, diagonal lines are said to hide the bulges and distract the eyes away from the problem areas. 

2. Choose darker colors and plain materials on problematic areas. Although you may sometimes get tempted buying tennis apparel with bright and loud colors or those with splashes of attention-grabbing designs, it is best to play it safe with darker colors that can conceal your problematic areas. For example, if you do not want to draw attention to your large hips and legs, perhaps you can go for a top with ruffles on the neck or one with an eye-catching design at the top part. This way, eyes will be drawn to your neck and face instead. 

3. Select the right fit. If you are big, it is advisable to pick out fitted clothes but not tight ones. Never choose the very loose types because they will just make you appear bigger. Of course you should also go for an outfit that makes you feel comfortable. 

No matter what you decide to wear, you should focus more on comfort and style that suit you instead of trying to look like tennis celebrities. 

Our Choice of Fantastic Plus Size Tennis Apparel

Nike - Extended Size Border Tennis Shirt (Black/White/White) - Apparel
Black is always good for large frames because it can make you look slimmer. Also, this particular shirt is very comfortable for playing tennis. Its dri-fit material and mesh panel at the back are great for keeping you cool and dry. 

Nike - Extended Size Border Tank (White/Black/Black) - Apparel
Whoever said you can't wear white and a tank top too? If you have nice arms, flaunt them. Wearing a tank top is very comfy and if you feel you can carry it well, then go for it. This particular tank from Nike is very stylish and yet does not emphasize the tummy area because of the simple design accent at the top part. Of course it also comes with wonderful ventilation and cooling features. 

Moving Comfort - Plus Size Fearless Capri (Black) - Apparel
For women who love to engage in sports, particularly tennis, this pair of capris is fantastic. Aside from the stylish design, its dark color and perfect cut are great for hiding those flabs and making you feel more confident and at ease on the court. 

Nike - Extended Size Border Tennis Skort (New Green/Tropical Twist/White) - Apparel
Pair any of the aforementioned tops with this tennis skirt which also comes in classic black and white colors. It is comfortable because of the waistband and "just right" length. What's more, the cut is good for plus size tennis fashion as it is not frilly and too wide, but not too fitted either. 

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Serena Williams' French Open 2012 Dress

French Open is knocking at the door. We have already covered upcoming tennis fashion of Rafa Nadal, Roger Federer, Vika Azarenka and Maria Sharapova. Today we'll introduce Serena Wiliams' outfit Nike created specially for her.

I really like the color of the dress and Air Max Mirabella 3 shoes compliment this dress perfectly.

Shop for Serena's outfit at major tennis stores.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Tennis Diet

What's a good tennis diet? Certainly, these athletes need to follow proper nutrition if they want to remain up and about during a game and to always be in tip-top condition for trainings and competitions.

The Importance of Hydration

If you seriously want to take up tennis, you have to be prepared for all its rigor and hard work. Included in the discipline is following a great tennis diet. One element here is proper hydration, which is vital for your continued strength and endurance. You should drink eight glasses of water or more, if possible, every single day.

Also take note that it is best to avoid caffeinated drinks, and to take in sports and energy drinks only when you are preparing for matches.

A Good Amount of Carbohydrates

For tennis players, foods high in carbohydrates are crucial. These provide a great amount of energy which regular players need in order to keep being on the move when playing a game. Since tennis is a physically exhausting sport, it is advisable to always stock up on carbohydrates especially a few hours before a game. Pasta, brown rice, and wheat bread are recommended. You may also eat a lot of corn and potatoes as part of your daily food intake.

A Steady Supply of Proteins

Of course as a tennis player, you cannot just rely on carbs alone. You should still include a steady supply of proteins in your tennis diet. This is not only another good source of energy, but it helps significantly in fixing broken tissues that were damaged during your strenuous physical activity. However, you should remember to only choose protein-rich foods that are low in fat such as poultry meat and lean meat.

The Essence of Fruits and Vegetables

Another important factor in the proper tennis diet is the intake of fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind that these are where you can get a lot of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. You should make the most of the variety available, because each kind can contribute a different nutritional value for your body. For example, carrots and squash can give you beta carotene. Meanwhile, berries like strawberries and blueberries are great sources of antioxidants.

Indeed engaging in sports, especially if you intend to take it up on a competitive or pro level, takes great discipline in the diet and nutrition that you provide for yourself. This way, you can be your best on the courts!

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