Friday, May 18, 2012

Tennis Diet

What's a good tennis diet? Certainly, these athletes need to follow proper nutrition if they want to remain up and about during a game and to always be in tip-top condition for trainings and competitions.

The Importance of Hydration

If you seriously want to take up tennis, you have to be prepared for all its rigor and hard work. Included in the discipline is following a great tennis diet. One element here is proper hydration, which is vital for your continued strength and endurance. You should drink eight glasses of water or more, if possible, every single day.

Also take note that it is best to avoid caffeinated drinks, and to take in sports and energy drinks only when you are preparing for matches.

A Good Amount of Carbohydrates

For tennis players, foods high in carbohydrates are crucial. These provide a great amount of energy which regular players need in order to keep being on the move when playing a game. Since tennis is a physically exhausting sport, it is advisable to always stock up on carbohydrates especially a few hours before a game. Pasta, brown rice, and wheat bread are recommended. You may also eat a lot of corn and potatoes as part of your daily food intake.

A Steady Supply of Proteins

Of course as a tennis player, you cannot just rely on carbs alone. You should still include a steady supply of proteins in your tennis diet. This is not only another good source of energy, but it helps significantly in fixing broken tissues that were damaged during your strenuous physical activity. However, you should remember to only choose protein-rich foods that are low in fat such as poultry meat and lean meat.

The Essence of Fruits and Vegetables

Another important factor in the proper tennis diet is the intake of fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind that these are where you can get a lot of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. You should make the most of the variety available, because each kind can contribute a different nutritional value for your body. For example, carrots and squash can give you beta carotene. Meanwhile, berries like strawberries and blueberries are great sources of antioxidants.

Indeed engaging in sports, especially if you intend to take it up on a competitive or pro level, takes great discipline in the diet and nutrition that you provide for yourself. This way, you can be your best on the courts!

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Creating a tennis-friendly diet with Spanish foods is a tasty endeavor. Incorporating nutritious options like olive oil, tomatoes, and lean proteins fuels players' performance on the court.

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