Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plus Size Tennis Fashion

You do not have to be all slender and skinny just to be able to look fashionable on the tennis courts. Everyone wants to look their best and to be up-to-date with their sports attires. This is why plus size tennis fashion has become widespread already, with the big names in the sports clothing industry coming up with plenty of trendy and stylish tops, bottoms, and dresses made especially for the plus size women players. 

Tips on Choosing Plus Size Tennis Fashion

Before heading over to the shops or clicking on those cute and chic outfits for your next tennis games, keep these tips in mind first in picking out plus size tennis clothing:

1. Go for vertical and diagonal lines. At all times, you should avoid clothes with horizontal stripes or designs as these will make your frame appear wider. Instead, choose those with vertical lines which can make you seem longer so as to give a slimming illusion. Also, diagonal lines are said to hide the bulges and distract the eyes away from the problem areas. 

2. Choose darker colors and plain materials on problematic areas. Although you may sometimes get tempted buying tennis apparel with bright and loud colors or those with splashes of attention-grabbing designs, it is best to play it safe with darker colors that can conceal your problematic areas. For example, if you do not want to draw attention to your large hips and legs, perhaps you can go for a top with ruffles on the neck or one with an eye-catching design at the top part. This way, eyes will be drawn to your neck and face instead. 

3. Select the right fit. If you are big, it is advisable to pick out fitted clothes but not tight ones. Never choose the very loose types because they will just make you appear bigger. Of course you should also go for an outfit that makes you feel comfortable. 

No matter what you decide to wear, you should focus more on comfort and style that suit you instead of trying to look like tennis celebrities. 

Our Choice of Fantastic Plus Size Tennis Apparel

Nike - Extended Size Border Tennis Shirt (Black/White/White) - Apparel
Black is always good for large frames because it can make you look slimmer. Also, this particular shirt is very comfortable for playing tennis. Its dri-fit material and mesh panel at the back are great for keeping you cool and dry. 

Nike - Extended Size Border Tank (White/Black/Black) - Apparel
Whoever said you can't wear white and a tank top too? If you have nice arms, flaunt them. Wearing a tank top is very comfy and if you feel you can carry it well, then go for it. This particular tank from Nike is very stylish and yet does not emphasize the tummy area because of the simple design accent at the top part. Of course it also comes with wonderful ventilation and cooling features. 

Moving Comfort - Plus Size Fearless Capri (Black) - Apparel
For women who love to engage in sports, particularly tennis, this pair of capris is fantastic. Aside from the stylish design, its dark color and perfect cut are great for hiding those flabs and making you feel more confident and at ease on the court. 

Nike - Extended Size Border Tennis Skort (New Green/Tropical Twist/White) - Apparel
Pair any of the aforementioned tops with this tennis skirt which also comes in classic black and white colors. It is comfortable because of the waistband and "just right" length. What's more, the cut is good for plus size tennis fashion as it is not frilly and too wide, but not too fitted either. 

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I understand that darker colors are best around problem areas, but I worry about dark colors being too hot when I play in the sun.

Personally, I like the way tennis skirts look and feel when I play.

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