Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tennis Fashion Wish List: Black Beauty

Black has always been a beautiful, classic color that can easily be matched with other colors and can be used appropriately on various occasions. It has a touch of elegance to it, giving wearers an air of sophistication. Even when you are all tired and sweaty on the court, being donned in a black tennis outfit will still make you look stunning.

Below are some pieces of tennis clothing and other accessories in black that you may want to wear or bring with you the next time you go on training, attend a competition, or simply have a fun recreational game with your tennis pals.

Look amazing in this simple but lovely and posh-looking tennis dress. The black fabric lined with white trimmings is very comfortable and can let you move freely on the court. The dress also has a built-in bra and a mesh back panel for increased cooling effect and ventilation. The dri-fit material will also keep moisture away from making you feel squirmy and uneasy while playing.

With a Wilson tennis backpack, you can be assured of great durability as well as comfort in carrying this around. This black and pink fusion design is also very stylish while still looking sporty and appearing like a serious pro. Furthermore, your tennis equipment can be kept safe, what with the great technologies that this brand offers, particularly ThermoGuard and MoistureGuard features. What's more, there are plenty of compartments in different sizes where you can place your other things such as keys, wallet, tennis balls, etc.

Naturally, before you start a game or perhaps afterward, you would want to rest your feet and give them a chance to breathe. Hence it is advisable to always bring a pair of comfy flip-flops. For fashionable players, this pair is definitely a winner. The simple yet chic design will go well with your trendy ensemble. The base and straps are also padded, plus you get to enjoy a rubber traction outsole.

Grab this exquisite and elegant pendant to accentuate your bare neck. You will surely look smashing out there with the diamonds on this miniature tennis racket sparkling even from afar.

While waiting for your turn to play or perhaps simply hanging out in the sidelines, you can go online or work some on your laptop. But of course it would be great to still place your notebook laptop in a stylish and sophisticated case such as this one. Whenever you don a "black beauty" outfit, you can always bring this one with you as it will go well with your fashion get-up. There is also neoprene material inside to protect your laptop from scratches.

Why not put on a glittery and gorgeous headband like this? The intricate beading in this headband is sure to make you stand out in the crowd. It is also comfortable to wear even for long hours.

This is one of the classic tank tops that you should add to your tennis wardrobe. The style is simple, yet the print is stylish and contemporary. Also, you will love the wicking fabric as it can keep you cool and dry at all times. This is also great for those who are more comfortable wearing a separate bra and those who do not like to show a lot of skin when engaging in the sport. This tank has full coverage on the front and back.

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Exquisite..Not like the sad trash produced by big want it all companies like adidas pretending to have designer labels! This global brand is run by a bunch of neo nazis with an iron hand from a small town in Germany - not many people know that! I bet they would'nt be so popular if people knew their lies...

Yes, you are right. I've seen a documentary about Adidas. It was created by 2 German brothers, and they really were the members of Nazi Party. They weren't too good together and split, that's when Puma was created by one of the brothers, another one remained with Adidas... I don't think it makes too much of influence on contemporary Adidas and Puma, but the history is as it is...

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