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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Maria Sharapova at Porsche Tennis Grand Prix. Tennis Look Of The Week

The best look of this week goes to Maria Sharapova, who not only proved herself to be the best athlete on this year's Stuttgart's courts, but sported the most stylish look of all this week. The red and black combination looked just stunning on Maria and it will definitely compliment any lady, regardless of complexion.

Create Maria Sharapova's Porsche Tennis Grand Prix Look

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Girl's Tennis Dresses: Our Selection For Your Little Tennis Player

Even when your little girls are not into tennis, it is simply adorable to dress them up in cute and lovely tennis dresses. A lot of moms these days are getting into this craze just because the girls tennis dress is gorgeous and very flattering on their pretty daughters. Naturally, it is even more common for parents who are tennis enthusiasts to have their little girls prancing around the courts in miniature tennis dresses.

Here are some wonderful options that you can check out if you would like to purchase some for your little beauties:

If you want your little one to look sporty but to still evoke that sweet and sophisticated look, it would be great to try out this outfit. Its bright pink color is perfect for young girls as they appear cheerful and charming. What`s more, this dress is great for little girls who wish to start practicing their tennis moves. This is because the material is the same as the signature Bolle fabric, which functions amazingly in maintaining dryness and comfort at all times.

Have those little girls ready for a stylish move on the court by getting this cute dress for them. The red and white combination together with the ruffle accent make for a very charming and trendy design. This is also perfectly comfortable because of the cut and fit which allow better movement for tennis players or for girls who are physically active. The material is made of high performance Dryflex micropoly with lycra blend, and topped with anti-bacterial finish. In addition, it can also protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Whether your kids are toddlers or school girls already, they can certainly sport this beautiful feminine-looking dress in soft pink. The multi-tiered drop waist skirt along with the front zipper and the nice cut of the entire dress all contribute to the overall exquisiteness of the design, ideal for young girls. The material is wonderful in absorbing the UV rays of the sun to promote skin protection and also in wicking away moisture.

If you want to get a tennis dress that is also very useful for other occasions and can be worn easily in a casual setting, this is certainly a great pick. Aside from being very affordable, it is made of soft cotton material that boasts of great comfort for toddlers and kids. The design is cute and charming, and the fabric is durable too.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tips for Successful Tennis Photography

Do you want to have winning shots of tennis athletes in action? Or perhaps you would like to have a collection of amazing and unique snapshots of tennis paraphernalia for your own portfolio. Whatever your reason is behind your desire to succeed in this particular field of sports photography, you should take a good look at these tips to improve your craft:

1. Be the master of your equipment.

Make sure that before you start clicking away on the sidelines, you have practiced a lot with the use of the same set of equipment. You will be much more efficient if you are able to master your own camera equipment and how to maneuver everything in order to achieve certain angles and styles for your shots.

2. Keep both eyes open for beautiful shots.

While you are focused on the game itself with one eye locked onto the camera, you can use your peripheral vision with the other eye to check out what is also going on around the area. Sometimes, you may just be able to capture special once-in-a-lifetime scenes in the sidelines. Also, instead of just shooting at one single point, watch out for after-effects or the reactions of other players and viewers after this point.

3. Know how to anticipate the action.

Even before the player makes that winning hit, you should already be pointing your lens and clicking away. This will enable you to encapsulate the actual action that you want.

4. Use maximum aperture.

Oftentimes, it is recommended to make use of maximum aperture value when photographing tennis. Since this sport is speedy and action-packed, you should also have a fast enough ISO to catch those wonderful and rare moments even when they happen like a blur to the naked eye. Furthermore, to come up with some creativity, you may want to mix up your aperture and ISO combinations.

5. Only focus on one player or object.

More often than not, it is better to focus on only one player instead of trying to put the two players into the frame. Or if you are targeting the tennis racket, for instance, you may place the net or court in the background but it should not be the  main focus too.

These five important tips are just some of the things you can apply in order to get great results in terms of tennis photography.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Tennis Fashion Wish List: Blue and Green

It's always refreshing to wear and look at the shades of blue and green. It seems as if you are gazing at the ocean, which provides a calming effect. This is why a lot of people are easily attracted to these beautiful colors. And this is also the reason why a lot of tennis players prefer such colors, in order to feel at ease instead of tense when they are about to compete on the court.

Take a look at these cool items that you can easily incorporate into your everyday tennis ensembles:

1. Nike Set Point Graphic Tank Top - $50
Look stylish and gorgeous in this cute tank top from Nike, with dri-fit material that is ideal for the sport along with a built-in padded bra. This top will sure feel as if it's part of your skin, and you can then play comfortably and move freely.

2. Columbia Women's Escapade Classic Analog Watch - $62.40
This charming lime-colored watch from Columbia is surely a wonderful addition to anyone's outfit on the court especially when you are wearing hues of blue and green. It is functional, durable, and very fashionable.

3. Peridot Green Cubic Zirconia Tennis Racket Belly Ring - $9.99
If you sometimes wear tank tops with short lengths or those that sometimes go up while you are making that jump or hit, you can put on this stunning belly ring to show off. It is truly representative of tennis lovers, and very beautiful too with the shiny green gemstones and miniature tennis racket made of silver.

4. Nike Border Skirt - $54
You can pair this simple but sexy skirt with the tank top above or with any other white or blue tennis top that you have. The skirt is made of dri-fit material with built-in compression shorts and an elastic waistband for utmost comfort and convenience.

5. adidas Women's Tiro 11 Short - $20
These very comfy shorts, made of Climacool material, are perfect for your regular practices. The royal blue color stands out well, with pink accents at the bottom to add a touch of femininity. Such shorts certainly exudes girl power!

6. ASICS Women's Gel- Game 3 Tennis Shoe - $63.95
This pair of shoes is quite simple in design, but would look awesome with your mint green and sky blue outfits. The features are absolutely incredible for your game--- rubber traction outsole, inside cushioning, Trusstic system, and more!

7. Green Glitter Sport Headband - $2.99
Add some sparkle to your tennis ensemble with this glittery headband that is sure to help make you shine like a real tennis star!

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The Benefits of a Tennis School

Having your children go to a tennis school to learn this wonderful sport has a lot of benefits that make the lessons worth taking. Even teens and adults can enjoy these benefits when they decide to take up tennis classes.

Below is the list of fantastic benefits that a tennis school can provide:

1. Brain Enhancement- Since tennis is not just a physical activity, but is also mostly a sport that involves tactical thinking and mental alertness, the brain is highly developed and enhanced when you attend tennis school. After all, you will be constantly exposed to the training that will require your brain to always be active. Different mental exercises may also be included in the programs in these schools.

2. Good Health- Tennis is a very active sport in which players are able to move the different parts of the body. Thus, you get to develop stronger bones and muscles as well as better heart activity. Your immune system can also be boosted with regular practice and engagement in games. What's more, tennis schools teach the students the importance of living in a healthy manner and the actual food and exercises and other habits that will be good for their bodies.

3. Discipline- When you attend a tennis school, you learn all about the rules. You are trained to be disciplined at all times. This includes punctuality, skill development, healthy living, and more. You need to abide by all the regulations.

4. Optimism- Because tennis is an energetic sport, it is great for building an optimistic disposition among the students. Hence, you will also be able to develop a positive attitude about many other things in life. This also lowers the risk or likelihood of you plunging into depression and other similar conditions.

5. Confidence- When you go to a tennis school and learn to be a better player, you get to also develop great self-confidence and self-esteem. This is beneficial not only in the sport itself but in other facets of life.

6. Athletic Abilities- There are plenty of important athletic abilities and physical skills that you can build and improve with constant tennis practice and training. These consist of better eye-hand coordination, flexibility, agility, speed, strength, and control of fine and gross motor skills.

Indeed going to tennis schools can be beneficial not only for those who are thinking of becoming tennis pros, but also for the ones who simply want to engage in an enjoyable hobby and physical activity that brings about a lot of long-term benefits.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Clean Your Tennis Shoes

If you want to make the most of your tennis shoes, lengthen their life by cleaning them regularly. If you are an active player who uses just one or two pairs of tennis shoes, you will need to clean them properly to keep them in good condition and to avoid the unnecessary expense of buying new ones every now and then.

Here are the steps you should take in cleaning your tennis shoes:

1. Inspect and assess.

The first thing you should do is to inspect your tennis shoes for dirt, mud, grass stains, and the like. Also check if there are scuffs or watermarks. It is through such inspection that you will be able to assess how your shoes must be tidied up and which cleaning products to use on them.

2. Avail and use the proper products.

Perhaps you will need just a simple detergent or all-purpose cleaner if your tennis shoes have only gathered dust and are not so filthy. Or maybe you will have to use a whitener and a waterproofer if you have noticed that your white tennis shoes have some discolorations already and if they have been constantly exposed to rain or water puddles recently. Indeed you will need to use the right kind of products to make sure that tennis shoes remain in tip-top condition. Please avoid bleaching chemicals and the use of washers and dryers for cleaning your shoes as these are harmful to the material.

3. Remove the mud first.

In getting rid of the caked mud, you can simply use a cloth to take it off. The remaining ones can be cleaned with the use of an old toothbrush combined with an all-purpose cleaner and conditioner that also provide protection from cracking and that can render the material shiny and looking new once more.

4. Brush off remaining particles.

Use your old toothbrush again to brush off the other particles like dirt and tiny pieces of stones. These days, there are also available cleaning brushes that can remove spots on your tennis shoes safely without the need for water and detergent.

5. Rinse with water and dry with a cloth.

After rinsing the tennis shoes with a small amount of water with the use of a cloth or toothbrush, grab a dry cloth and pat on the shoes.

6. Use a whitener and/or waterproofer.

 If your shoes are color white, it would be good to use a whitener to remove scuff marks and other unsightly marks. This will certainly make your shoes appear fresh and new again! On the other hand, you can use a waterproofer to be able to repel water in the future and also to prevent the stiffening of the material.

7. Dry your shoes properly.

In drying your shoes, never use your clothes dryer machine. Also do not expose the tennis shoes under the harsh sunlight. It would be best to just let them dry in room temperature or perhaps with the help of an electric fan.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tennis Toys for Kids

Sports are very good for children. Tennis, in particular, can bring about wonderful benefits in terms of health, socialization, stamina and endurance, strategy, and discipline. Thus, some parents like to expose their kids to this sport so as to develop a passion for it and to eventually engage in the game.

If your kids are still very young to play the actual game or if they are uneasy about getting on that court and swinging a tennis racket just yet, you can use tennis toys for kids to help them be more comfortable with tennis and also to allow them to simply enjoy, experiment, and have fun with playmates without any pressure.

Here are some tennis-themed toys that you can buy for your children's pleasure:

1. Frog Tennis Game - $12.48
Kids can enjoy flipping the frog over the net with the use of button-activated rackets! In this exciting and action-packed game, children may develop love for tennis in a fun and unique way. There are also electronic sounds incorporated such as the splashing of water and the croaks of a frog. This two-player game is great for kids who are 6 years old and above.

2. Hannah Montana Memorable Moments - $15
If your little girls love dolls, you should definitely get them this Hannah Montana figure in a tennis outfit. They can then play out skits in which the doll has the role of a tennis player.

3. Le Petit Tennis "Baby" Racquet 15" + FREE Inflatable Ball - $19.95
Even very young ones at the age of 1 or 2 years old can already take pleasure in tennis. With this toy set that contains the smallest tennis racket ever, plus a ball that can be pushed to roll or perhaps to be tossed in the air with the use of the racket. Children can have fun hitting, throwing, and pushing the inflatable ball while developing their motor skills and love for the sport.

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Reusing Your Tennis Balls

If you are a tennis lover who has a collection of old tennis balls piled up in a box somewhere or perhaps gathering dust already in your attic, then it is probably about time that you learn how to recycle or reuse these tennis balls of yours. Yes, you can definitely use them again in many different ways instead of just tossing them into the garbage bin.

Here are several ways to recycle or reuse your tennis balls:

1. Toy for Dogs
You can turn a tennis ball into a nice toy for your canine friend by attaching a piece of rope on the ball. This way, your pet can have lots of fun rolling and running after the ball or tugging on the colorful rope.

2. Cool Bracelets
For a trendy tennis-themed look even off the court, you can cut out pieces of your old tennis balls and glue them to metal bracelet bangles for a cute, sporty design.

3. Christmas Tree Balls
Gather all your worn out tennis balls for the entire year, and decorate them as ornaments for your Christmas tree when December comes. You can choose to wrap these tennis balls with colored wires, shiny sequins and beads, and many more other materials. You can even wrap them with ribbons or laces, and then glue on some gemstones for a beautiful and lustrous effect. There are many designs you can come up with, depending on your Christmas tree's theme and motif.

4. Change Holder
When you cut out the surface of the tennis ball, it turns out to be a really durable flat material that you can fold and sew together to form small containers, such as a change holder. This is also very fashionable to use for tennis enthusiasts.

5. Dish Holder
Cut your old tennis balls into half and then glue the sides together so that the curved parts are facing upward and the flat surface can be placed on a table easily. The result is a dish holder, as illustrated in the image above. If you do not want to scratch the surface of your dining table or desk, or if the dish is still very hot, then you can place the dish on this tennis ball holder!

Indeed there are plenty of things you can make out of your old tennis balls, for your own use or even to be sold to others. Just be creative and imaginative, and your ideas will surely continue to flow. This way, you will be able to maximize the use of your tennis balls even without engaging in the sport.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sara Errani. Tennis Look Of The Week

We've decided to start a new weekly category "Tennis Look Of The Week" which would feature best, the most interesting or just nice look sported on tennis courts. We start the category with Italian Sara Errani who  has just captured her third Barcelona title today. 

Create Sara's Look

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tennis-Themed Shoes for Babies

If you would like your babies to look like tennis pros even before they could walk, you should definitely check out the tennis-themed infant shoes in the online market. A lot of tennis fanatic moms are going ga-ga over these cute and adorable shoes, and even matching them with those tiny tennis outfits!

Below are several of the tennis-themed shoes for baby boys and baby girls whose parents are dreaming up a future career for them in this sport, or perhaps just yearning for their children to eventually share this same passion in the coming years.

1. K-Swiss Classic Leather Tennis Shoe (Infant/Toddler) - $24-42.95

adidas Kids - Stan Smith HL Core (Infant/Toddler) (Black/Black) - Footwear

The above examples of tennis shoes for infants are also perfect as gifts for your friends' little ones, even newborn babies or those celebrating their first birthdays. Surely the babies who don these shoes will ooze with cuteness and charm!

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