Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reusing Your Tennis Balls

If you are a tennis lover who has a collection of old tennis balls piled up in a box somewhere or perhaps gathering dust already in your attic, then it is probably about time that you learn how to recycle or reuse these tennis balls of yours. Yes, you can definitely use them again in many different ways instead of just tossing them into the garbage bin.

Here are several ways to recycle or reuse your tennis balls:

1. Toy for Dogs
You can turn a tennis ball into a nice toy for your canine friend by attaching a piece of rope on the ball. This way, your pet can have lots of fun rolling and running after the ball or tugging on the colorful rope.

2. Cool Bracelets
For a trendy tennis-themed look even off the court, you can cut out pieces of your old tennis balls and glue them to metal bracelet bangles for a cute, sporty design.

3. Christmas Tree Balls
Gather all your worn out tennis balls for the entire year, and decorate them as ornaments for your Christmas tree when December comes. You can choose to wrap these tennis balls with colored wires, shiny sequins and beads, and many more other materials. You can even wrap them with ribbons or laces, and then glue on some gemstones for a beautiful and lustrous effect. There are many designs you can come up with, depending on your Christmas tree's theme and motif.

4. Change Holder
When you cut out the surface of the tennis ball, it turns out to be a really durable flat material that you can fold and sew together to form small containers, such as a change holder. This is also very fashionable to use for tennis enthusiasts.

5. Dish Holder
Cut your old tennis balls into half and then glue the sides together so that the curved parts are facing upward and the flat surface can be placed on a table easily. The result is a dish holder, as illustrated in the image above. If you do not want to scratch the surface of your dining table or desk, or if the dish is still very hot, then you can place the dish on this tennis ball holder!

Indeed there are plenty of things you can make out of your old tennis balls, for your own use or even to be sold to others. Just be creative and imaginative, and your ideas will surely continue to flow. This way, you will be able to maximize the use of your tennis balls even without engaging in the sport.

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That is just a very innovative way in reusing tennis balls. I like every pieces of it and I do think that it is also a good way to help our environment.

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