Friday, April 13, 2012

Tennis Fashion Wish List: Going Pink and Brown

One of the nicest color combinations that female tennis players can make use of when coming up with stylish outfits on the court is the fusion of pink and brown. These two colors complement one another. Hence, you can opt to wear a pink and white dress, for example, with brown accessories. Naturally, adding some white to the ensemble can provide that "break" between the contrast of pink and brown especially if the hues are bright or dark.

You may also choose to wear lighter shades of pink and brown or a combination of soft and loud tones. It is really up to your preference, style, and personality.

Here are several pieces of tennis clothing and accessories in pink and brown that you can consider for your next game:

Be a blast on the court with this fantastic dress in voltage cherry color! Its stunning brightness and beauty will make you look absolutely smashing, not to mention help you feel comfy too with its cooling and ventilation features plus the dri-fit material that will keep you feeling dry.

Stay on top of the list of fashionable tennis players with this gorgeous tennis bag in weaved durable material. Its unique texture and design will surely make you stand out. Of course it is also functional, with all the zippered compartments and the padded straps, along with a detachable insulated and magnetic cooler.

If you wish to draw attention to your stylish appearance, this is the tennis top for you as its radiant pink color seems to call out to everyone. This will also keep you in high spirits all throughout the game, with its cheerful tone, amazing fitted design, and dri-fit material.

Protect your eyes from the sun and dust as you engage in tennis with these cool sunglasses with wrap-around frames. This pair of sunglasses is good for blocking the sunlight at any angle.

This brown cap is nice to match with your pink and white outfits, together with other tennis accessories of brown shades. It is made purely of cotton, and has a great fit for different sizes. There is a velcro closure at the back for maximum adjustability.

Basically in white, this pair of tennis shoes is perfect for your pink and brown fusion because they have a touch of gold that will suit your accessories in brown hues well. Boasting of a simple yet stunning design as well as features of speed, lightness, ground grip, and durability, these were the official shoes of tennis star Maria Sharapova.

This pink and white nylon and spandex skirt is perfect for tennis athletes who would love to look fashionable and feel comfortable at the same time without burning holes into their pockets.

Look sporty yet adorable and trendy in this cute tennis skirt by renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney. With a stretch waist and pleated design, it will definitely go well with a brown or pink tank top when you go out on that court.

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