Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Clean Your Tennis Shoes

If you want to make the most of your tennis shoes, lengthen their life by cleaning them regularly. If you are an active player who uses just one or two pairs of tennis shoes, you will need to clean them properly to keep them in good condition and to avoid the unnecessary expense of buying new ones every now and then.

Here are the steps you should take in cleaning your tennis shoes:

1. Inspect and assess.

The first thing you should do is to inspect your tennis shoes for dirt, mud, grass stains, and the like. Also check if there are scuffs or watermarks. It is through such inspection that you will be able to assess how your shoes must be tidied up and which cleaning products to use on them.

2. Avail and use the proper products.

Perhaps you will need just a simple detergent or all-purpose cleaner if your tennis shoes have only gathered dust and are not so filthy. Or maybe you will have to use a whitener and a waterproofer if you have noticed that your white tennis shoes have some discolorations already and if they have been constantly exposed to rain or water puddles recently. Indeed you will need to use the right kind of products to make sure that tennis shoes remain in tip-top condition. Please avoid bleaching chemicals and the use of washers and dryers for cleaning your shoes as these are harmful to the material.

3. Remove the mud first.

In getting rid of the caked mud, you can simply use a cloth to take it off. The remaining ones can be cleaned with the use of an old toothbrush combined with an all-purpose cleaner and conditioner that also provide protection from cracking and that can render the material shiny and looking new once more.

4. Brush off remaining particles.

Use your old toothbrush again to brush off the other particles like dirt and tiny pieces of stones. These days, there are also available cleaning brushes that can remove spots on your tennis shoes safely without the need for water and detergent.

5. Rinse with water and dry with a cloth.

After rinsing the tennis shoes with a small amount of water with the use of a cloth or toothbrush, grab a dry cloth and pat on the shoes.

6. Use a whitener and/or waterproofer.

 If your shoes are color white, it would be good to use a whitener to remove scuff marks and other unsightly marks. This will certainly make your shoes appear fresh and new again! On the other hand, you can use a waterproofer to be able to repel water in the future and also to prevent the stiffening of the material.

7. Dry your shoes properly.

In drying your shoes, never use your clothes dryer machine. Also do not expose the tennis shoes under the harsh sunlight. It would be best to just let them dry in room temperature or perhaps with the help of an electric fan.

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