Monday, April 9, 2012

Fitness Fads for Tennis Players

Because tennis is a rigorous game which entails tremendous endurance and agility on the part of the players, it is then very important for such athletes to remain in good shape. Engaging in this sport, after all, is no ordinary recreational activity especially if you intend to compete. Hence, aside from training on a regular basis, you have to get involved in several other fitness endeavors to be in tip-top condition at all times.

These days, you need not stick to just one form of exercise. There are actually several fitness measures that provide great help for tennis players. These are some of the more favorite fitness fads of tennis players:

1. Pilates- Plenty of tennis athletes love attending pilates classes because this type of activity gives them a sense of balance and peace while still being able to work out in a different way. Your core strength will be increased through the various body movements that are incorporated into pilates exercises.

2. Yoga- This is also a popular fitness activity among tennis players because of its relaxing effect while building strength, endurance, and balance. Yoga is similar to Pilates, but does not require the use of devices or machines. It is beneficial to those who are into tennis because not only does it help condition the body, but the mind as well. When you are relaxed and peaceful, you get to think clearly and strategize better. Your reflexes will also work better.

3. Cardio tennis classes- These are special workout sessions that involve a lot of shuffling, stretching, and strengthening exercises. This vtype of cardio workout specifically caters to tennis players because it was developed to help improve footwork and to make the body stronger. The drills are quite fast-paced too, in order to train players when they are out on the court.

4. Dance classes- Whether you are into belly dancing, hip hop dancing, ballroom dancing, or ballet, it would be great to try out dance classes as a form of fitness training. When it comes to fitness fads for tennis players, this has also gained popularity fast because it is fun and can liven up the spirit as well. Dancing can not only improve your footwork and coordination, but will also help you enhance endurance and balance. And because it is enjoyable, you get to have a more positive attitude as well which will be beneficial in playing tennis too. Today, a unique form of dance exercise that is quickly spreading around the world is Zumba. A lot of tennis players are joining in on the craze because of the health and fitness wonders that Zumba can bring about, not to mention the great factor of fun.

These are just some of the more popular fitness fads for tennis players. Check out which one suits you best. What's important is that you enjoy doing it while it is molding your body into the necessary shape that's helpful for your game.

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Oh these are really great workouts for tennis players, As well these are very hard to these workouts. But to maintain fit body we have to follow and do these exercises.

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