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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How the Latest Clothing Technology Can Help Your Game

Indeed tennis apparel has gone a very long way from the formal cotton shirts that players used to wear to the different tennis garments available now that make use of various clothing technology. Such development surfaced because of the continuous studies that plenty of sports clothing manufacturers keep undertaking in order to come up with clothes that are more suitable and comfortable for athletes.

Tennis, in particular, is known as a strenuous and fast-paced sport which requires a lot of big movements and which can cause you to sweat profusely. Hence, there is a need to wear protective clothing that will help you feel more at ease and cooler too. Even recreational players now are enjoying the new technologies in these athletic attires because they feel comfortable and even more confident with their movements while on the courts.

One of the major changes that surfaced in recent years is the use of synthetic material instead of cotton for tennis apparel. This type of material feels much cooler and more comfy. Today, most pieces of clothing for tennis are made of nylon, spandex, and polyester.

When it comes to the latest clothing technology, Nike is certainly up-to-date. A very huge name in the tennis apparel industry, this brand has come up with high performance clothing that make use of their Dri-Fit, Clima-Fit, and SphereDry technologies:

1. Dri-Fit Technology- This refers to special fabrics manufactured by Nike for breathable athletic wear. With this, even if you sweat a lot, you can keep dry because of the moisture management feature. Such clothes are also very light and comfortable.

2. Clima-Fit Technology- Such an advancement features sports wear that help keep you dry and at ease in light weather conditions.

3. SphereDry Technology- This pertains to the three-dimensional system created by Nike in such apparel, which aids in dryness and also reduces clinging effects from perspiration.
On the other hand, Adidas is also a major player in tennis clothing. One of their top-rated clothing technologies is their ClimaCool and ClimaLite developments and the recent ForMotion advancement:

1. ClimaCool Technology- This makes way for the dissipation of heat and moisture from the body through a special material that Adidas uses. It also allows for the circulation of air close to the skin as well as for ventilation channels.
2. ClimaLite Technology- This refers to the use of certain fabrics for Adidas sports apparel that are very lightweight and comfortable for tennis players. It enables them to move more freely.
3. ForMotion Technology- This is said to promote better performance by utilizing compression fabrics for enhancement and control of muscle movement while also making use of three-dimensional construction along with sculpted cuts in a shaped garment in order to make wearers feel more comfortable and freer when making their moves.
The above technologies are examples of how the latest clothing developments by big sportswear brands can help tennis players improve their game. As these companies move forward, more and more innovations are expected to be released in the coming years. At the same time, minor players involved in manufacturing tennis apparel are also expected to come up with their own versions of these technologies to provide alternatives for the growing number of tennis enthusiasts.

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