Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Caroline Wozniacki: Fashion Profile

Who in the tennis world and even those in the sidelines has not heard of the amazingly talented and beautiful Caroline Wozniacki? This highly esteemed professional tennis player who hails from Denmark is certainly not just admired for her winning moves during the tournaments but also for her fashion statements on and off the courts.
Caroline Wozniacki, Sony Ericsson Open 2011
Caroline Wozniacki is indeed one of the top fashion icons in the realm of tennis, mainly due to the fact that she is the most recent and chief model of upscale designer Stella McCartney. Thus, the fantastic combination of McCartney's modish pieces in her Adidas collection and the amazing figure of the Danish player is a big hit among tennis fans and sports enthusiasts. Even those who are not really playing the game are wearing the designs for casual, everyday use and sometimes even for date nights and parties!
Caroline Wozniacki, Australian Open 2011
Caroline Wozniacki, U.S. Open 2010
Caroline Wozniacki, Modelling for Adidas by Stella McCartney (2012 tennis collection)
This gorgeous tennis player carries a wide array of fashionable tennis outfits, from the classics of whites and grays to more colorful ensembles with bright and vibrant hues. Because of her pale skin and blond hair, a lot of fashion gurus claim that cheerful and brighter colors are more suitable for her and will complement the kind of stand-out game that she delivers.

Off the courts, Caroline Wozniacki has been spotted wearing several cute and stylish get-ups too. Her fashion sense seems to be mostly feminine and unique, such as with the kinds of dresses she wears. Even though many of her outfits bear classic styles, they usually have a twist.
Caroline Wozniacki ramp modelling at BNP Paribas Open
Caroline Wozniacki, "Fashion's Night Out" at New York City
Nevertheless, from time to time, she seems to also have some slips from the upper fashion standards such as when she wore a mermaid-looking dress to a party that appeared a bit outlandish and inappropriate.Caroline Wozniacki partying with Agniezska Radwanska in Miami
Caroline Wozniacki and Agnieszka Radwanska, Sony Ericsson Kick-Off Party
Overall, though, Caroline Wozniacki is still looked up to by many girls and women and certainly admired by men of different nationalities because of her natural beauty and flair for fashion. This is also the reason why she has been chosen to endorse a host of sponsors such as Sony Ericsson, Turkish Airlines, Yonex, and Oriflame Sweden.

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Tennis needs more fashion. Most of the outfits are boring.

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