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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tennis Laptop Skins

Want to give your laptop a new look and show off your love for tennis at the same time? One great way to make people know of your interest for this sport is by availing a laptop skin design that clearly displays your attachment to tennis. Furthermore, doing so will also inspire you and make you feel good whenever you use this gadget.

There are numerous tennis laptop skins that you will be able to find online. There are also many willing to make customized ones for you. Be sure to pick out the best one that suits your fondness for tennis and how it relates to your life. Also select one that goes well with your personality, work or profession, and sense of fashion. This way, using this laptop will still be appropriate even with this particular tennis design. 

Here are several tennis laptop skins that you can choose from:

This design has a feminine touch to it, perfect for female tennis players who like to dress up in skirts, frills, and laces. The pink ball among the yellow ones seems to represent a woman who stands out in tennis. If you feel that you are outstanding in this sport or you want to be, you should definitely consider this laptop skin. 

If you have a MacBook, you can utilize this particular tennis design for an elegant and stylish look. 

For a more casual appearance, you can opt for this nice tennis design. It is durable and has an anti-scratch feature, plus it can easily be removed and repositioned. What's more, it can fit different 15" and 17" laptops.

4.   15" Tennis Laptop For Mac & PC - $33.70
Laptop skin for tennis player
Combining love for tennis and hip design, this laptop skin would be perfect for any 15" laptop, either Mac or PC.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tennis Neck Ties for Men

Are you planning to attend a semi-formal event or perhaps a social gathering where you would like to make a different fashion statement with a unique neck tie? Or do you like wearing casual ties with your jeans for school or for a laid-back night out with your pals? Why not try expressing your love for tennis through this piece of clothing? Today there are plenty of adorable, cool, and hip tennis neck ties available for men. Having such will also come in handy whenever you attend get-togethers with your tennis buddies or if you will be going to a gathering of tennis enthusiasts.

Take a look at the following tennis neck ties for men that you will surely find interesting and appealing:

1. 100% Silk Woven Tennis Crimson Striped Tie- $15.99

If you need to look formal but would like to express your adoration for the sport of tennis, this tie is the perfect one for you. From afar, it appears like a normal neck tie. Up close, though, you will notice patterns of criss-crossed tennis rackets. Indeed this is perfect for wearing to the wedding of one of your tennis friends or perhaps if you will be awarded, interviewed, or photographed for a tennis-related media outfit.

2. Yellow Tennis Ball Symbol Necktie- $38.50

This kind of tennis neck tie will not only shout out your being a tennis fanatic, but will also go very well with casual get-ups that involve jeans matched with men's blazers. Be stylish with this kind of tie while being reminded of your favorite sport.

3. Sports Tennis Neck Tie- $9.99

Would you like to add a splash of color and excitement to your drab-looking semi-formal or corporate attire? Give others an idea of what you love to do on weekends by wearing this great tennis neck tie to work or to different events. Indeed this can also be paired with formal suits so that you do not have to look very boring and stiff.

4. Stop Staring at my Balls Neck Tie- $34.95

Naturally, this kind of tennis neck tie will only be good for hanging out with friends and for casual attires. After all, the statement here is not appropriate for formal events and work-related purposes. Furthermore, a tie like this is better worn by those who are known to be humorous and easy-going. Nevertheless, plenty of men love this tennis neck tie because it makes others laugh and also allows them to be in a lighter mood all throughout the day.

When you choose from the different tennis neck ties for men above or perhaps among the others you may find online, be sure that you can carry it well and it goes with your personality and the occasion. Enjoy these wonderful neck ties!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

U.S. Olympic Team Fashion by Ralph Lauren at London 2012 Summer Olympics

Let the games begin! We still haven't forgotten Wimbledon with Andy Murray in the finals, and the Olympics have already started. On Friday, July 27, the London 2012 Summer Olympics started with the Opening Ceremony, directed by Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle. With over 200 countries represented in 26 different sports and 302 medal events, the Olympic Games are truly the foremost sports competition in the world.
Ralph Lauren generously designed and donated the official Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony Parade outfits for the U.S. Team, so be sure to check out U.S. Olympic Team Collection from the iconic American designer’s. Here are some items from the Olympic collection by Ralph Lauren.

With all the major brands releasing new tennis collections for this important event, we'll be featuring new tennis fashion from London courts. Stay tuned!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Yoga for Tennis

Tennis players always have to keep fit and stay in shape in order to have enough strength and endurance for this rigorous sport. Regular exercise is therefore required. What's more, many tennis players nowadays are enrolling in yoga classes to develop a healthier mind and body.

What are the Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga certainly has plenty of benefits for all those who wish to engage in it. Its ancient goal is to unite the body, mind, and spirit of a person. Hence, the exercises and movements are aimed at achieving this kind of unity which is good for one's overall health and well-being.

When it comes to the physiological benefits of yoga, you can expect an increase in strength and resiliency, improvement in eye-hand coordination, enhancement of cardiovascular efficiency, improvement of balance and posture, development of greater immunity and endurance, increase in energy levels, and normalized weight among many others.

On the other hand, yoga in general also has plenty of psychological benefits. Through this, you can improve your memory retention along with attention and focus. In addition, you will also end up with a generally lighter and happier mood which helps you control your stress. Even your social skills and self-actualization will be increased in the long run.

How Can Yoga be Customized for Tennis?

During the warm-up and cool-down stages, you can have tennis poses and movements incorporated into your yoga session. Watch out for specialized yoga targeted towards tennis players in your locality, so you can truly maximize it for your game.

There are breathing exercises and body stretches that are very good for tennis moves. These will help you increase your power and balance as well as control of breathing while playing the sport. The Extended Triangle Pose and the Tree Pose are two popular poses that are very helpful for tennis players.

Why is Yoga Good for Tennis Players?

Basically, yoga is very beneficial for tennis players because it can help develop and improve your overall flexibility, durability, and balance. These are utmost necessities in the game because tennis requires the movement of the entire body and may push you to go into positions that can strain your muscles. Thus, it is best to become more flexible and strong and to maintain a good sense of balance to avoid injuries and to excel even more too. 

Moreover, yoga for tennis brings about mind control and a greater ability to concentrate. Both of these are very essential in this kind of sport because you have to think and react fast to keep ahead of your opponent. You have to be alert at all times, and to keep focused on the game.

Hence you should definitely make yoga a regular part of your daily routine if you want to play tennis better and to also enhance your health in the process.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tennis iPhone Cases

Today, most individuals around the world are making use of the iPhone as their main mobile phone. This is why a lot of creative and fantastic designs for iPhone cases have been coming out in the market. As a result, people can pick out cases that suit their personalities and interests or show off their hobbies and sports.

Tennis lovers are going gaga over the spectacular array of tennis iPhone cases available in local stores and online too. They can express their love for the sport and remind themselves always to keep improving their game or to keep rooting for their favorite tennis stars.

Here are several tennis iPhone cases that you may want to consider for yourself or as a gift to your tennis buddy:

1. Game, Set, Match!- $43.35
 This case is sleek and simple, yet has an impact that makes you want to get into a game and do your best.
2. I Love Tennis- $39.30
Cute and charming, this case is fitting for fashionable tennis players who want to express their love for the sport.
3. Evolution- $42.30
If you want to express your fondness for tennis with a humorous and creative touch, go for this unique and interesting iPhone case.
4. Tennis Ball Bright Pink Green- $46.70
Want something feminine for your tennis iPhone case? You can try this one. The realistic photo also gives you that familiar sense of excitement for the sport.
5. Eat, Sleep, Tennis- $34.95
Simple but chic with a strong message, this case is surely a winner!
6. Rafa Nadal Stylized- $37.66
If you wish to always catch a glimpse of your tennis idol, there are plenty of nice designs with their tennis poses. Take a look at this stylized photo of Rafa Nadal, for instance.

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Tennis Facebook Covers

Always on Facebook? Perhaps it is about time for you to express your love for tennis on your personal wall or page. This way, your friends and other people who drop by will instantly have an idea of your interest, particularly your fondness for this sport.

There are plenty of tennis Facebook covers that you can pick from, depending on what you would like to convey to your visitors. Here are several you can mull over:

1. Creative Tennis Shots

If you want something nice and creative for your Facebook cover which also expresses your being a tennis enthusiast, then you can select one from the samples below.
Shine as a tennis star and as an amazing friend, just like the radiant sun in this cover.
This photo perfectly illustrates a tennis game scenario to make you feel excited all over.
Get imaginative with this unique and creative Facebook cover that depicts your  tennis bravado.

2. Tennis Pros

Naturally, tennis fanatics have their favorite stars and pros. Why not be inspired every time you open your Facebook account? Place a fabulous shot of your idol as your Facebook cover. Below are some wonderful samples of tennis Facebook covers of this kind.

You and your Facebook visitors are sure to fall in love with Roger Federer each time you see this cover.
Enjoy seeing tennis goddess Maria Sharapova whenever you open your FB account.
If you love Raphael Nadal, you will feel happy and enthusiastic about your tennis game and life in general with this stunning Facebook cover.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tennis Fashion Wish List: Summer Neons & Brights

As the summer is going on, a lot of tennis players who are also fashion enthusiasts are already planning their outfits for their upcoming practices and games. Indeed different apparel in the tennis arena are coming out in bright colors and hues of neon, providing a cheerful appearance and a joyful mood.

Here are a couple of fashion must-haves for this summer:

Lightweight and trendy, this visor is certainly a great accessory for your summer games on the court. You can enjoy easy ventilation too with its mesh sides. Also, it has a reduced glare feature plus a closure with quick adjustment.

Not only is this pair of running shoes perfect for your rigorous movements on the court, these will also keep you light and stable while on the move. These shoes also have great cushioning and side drainage features. You will surely enjoy seam-free technology for absolute comfort!

If you want sheer comfort combined with a classic but stylish appearance, this is the top for you! With its bright color and cute and comfy look, you will certainly stand out with this shirt and feel at ease too.

A true must-have for every feminine and stylish tennis player, this skort will definitely make you look a bit dressed up and very fashionable while playing the sport. It has an elastic waist and a great fit, as well as built-in shorts for added comfort while doing your moves.

This summer will not be complete if you do not grab one of these adorable, bright-colored sports watches. Wearing this can help accessorize your look and prepare you for those tournaments.

Look fun, trendy, and modern with this bright yellow skirt that is sure to turn heads when you walk into the courts. It is light and comfortable, with a durable material that can surely keep you dry and cool.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Wimbledon 2012 Tennis Fashion. Day 12: Novak Djokovic and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

What a great Wimbledon this year! Very many unexpected things, starting with early Nadal's defeat and ending with Agniezska Radwanska in the final. On the men's side, Novak Djokovic and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga were a little bit less lucky and both lost in the semifinals. So we'll see Roger Federer and Andy Murray fighting for that trophey.

Since we are doing daily fashion review, let's see what is in store for Novak and Jo-Willy. If you have noticed, Novak changed the sponsor and is now sporting UNIQLO instead of Sergio Tacchini. 
Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon 2012
Jo-Willy is still sponsored by Adidas, so you can easily create his Wimbledon look if you want, which is pretty hard with Novak, since though UNIQLO has stores in the U.S., they sell casual outfits, not sport ones.
Jo-Wilfired Tsona, Wimbledon 2012
Create Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's Wimbledon 2012 Look
Adizero Polo Shirt Wimby

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wimbledon 2012 Tennis Fashion. Day 11: Victoria Azarenka

Well... It happened. Serena is in the final of Wimbledon! Victoria Azarenka is out... There were many hopes for Vika to win another Grand Slam, but... Now she has to concentrate on the Olympics and winning medal for Belarus (perhaps gold?).
Though I'll be supporting Serena - GO USA! :)))

Nike doesn't have "special" Victoria Azarenka's line... just yet... That's why Vika is wearing the same dress she sported at French Open, but in white (though still pretty nice and stylish).
Victoria Azarenka, Wimbledon 2012
Create Victoria Azarenkas' Wimbledon 2012 Look

Nike - Zoom Breathe 2K11 (White/Pure Platinum/Black) - Footwear

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Wimbledon 2012 Tennis Fashion. Day 8: Maria Sharapova

It seems like every day of 2012 Wimbledon we have a defeat of some top player who could have won the tournament. Today it's Maria Sharapova. Maria has really been a Wimbledon favorite after she won French Open this year, but she hasn't even got to the quarterfinal, defeated by Sabine Lisicki.
Maria Sharapova congratulates Sabine Lisicki with her win in fourth round, Wimbledon 2012
Nike, as usual, created special dress for Maria, which actually resembled her Australian Open dress having same colors - white and lime.

Create Maria Sharapova's Wimbledon 2012 Look

Nike - Zoom Breathe 2K11 (White/Pure Platinum/Black) - Footwear

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