Sunday, July 1, 2012

BEBE Sport Tennis Fashion

If you want to look all modern and trendy on the courts while you are playing tennis, doing your warm-up exercises, or chatting with other players, you should definitely check out the BEBE Sport tennis fashion collection. Not only are these BEBE tennis clothes very fashionable in the contemporary setting, the materials are also of top quality. This is why plenty of female tennis players today are growing very fond of this brand because of the wonderful selection of tops, bottoms, and dresses that they can choose from to wear for their tennis endeavors.

Stylish and Functional

Indeed if you take a look at the different tank tops, hoodies, leggings, and skirts by BEBE, you will notice that the common design utilizes classic colors with splashes of bright and loud hues that accentuate the entire look. The color schemes used are hip and classy at the same time. There is also a good amount of diagonal and asymmetrical lines which significantly help in improving one's figure and also in creating a modern appearance.

When it comes to functionality, the durability and quality of the fabrics and materials used are of a superior level. They are comfortable and nice-fitting, with features that allow players to stay cool and dry even when engaged in rigorous physical activity.

The overall tennis collection of BEBE is certainly worth looking over if you intend to upgrade your tennis fashion wardrobe. The price is generally competitive, and you get to enjoy a great fit with a unique, catchy style that can still be considered a classic piece and thus can be used many times. The designs are not just a fad, but can last for a long period of time.

Collection Must-Haves

Here are several of our best picks from the BEBE Sport tennis fashion collection:

This is certainly a must-have that you can pair off with a cute white, black, or gray top. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous and flashy, you can even match it with a bright-colored tank or jacket. Certainly, the neutral colors of this stylish pair of shorts are perfect for regular use. Also, the waist band touch is very flattering for your figure.

Prepare to look sexy, glamorous, and trendy with this great tank top with a zipper accent in front. It has a great fit, and the wavy diagonal lines do wonders in concealing those unsightly flabs. Furthermore, this tank is very comfy too.

Boost your sex appeal with this simple yet adorable white ruffled skirt with an orange waist band. Certainly, this skirt will be a great addition to your tennis fashion collection as it can be easily paired with a variety of tops. It is also good if you want to bring attention to your nice legs.

If you feel like sporting a feminine yet sporty look, you should try this dress for your next game. It is very modish, with a classic white color and bright blue accents. The empire cut illusion along with the fitted waist and lines all contribute to the ability of this dress to make the wearer look slender and curvy.

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