Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tennis Facebook Covers

Always on Facebook? Perhaps it is about time for you to express your love for tennis on your personal wall or page. This way, your friends and other people who drop by will instantly have an idea of your interest, particularly your fondness for this sport.

There are plenty of tennis Facebook covers that you can pick from, depending on what you would like to convey to your visitors. Here are several you can mull over:

1. Creative Tennis Shots

If you want something nice and creative for your Facebook cover which also expresses your being a tennis enthusiast, then you can select one from the samples below.

Shine as a tennis star and as an amazing friend, just like the radiant sun in this cover.
This photo perfectly illustrates a tennis game scenario to make you feel excited all over.
Get imaginative with this unique and creative Facebook cover that depicts your  tennis bravado.

2. Tennis Pros

Naturally, tennis fanatics have their favorite stars and pros. Why not be inspired every time you open your Facebook account? Place a fabulous shot of your idol as your Facebook cover. Below are some wonderful samples of tennis Facebook covers of this kind.

You and your Facebook visitors are sure to fall in love with Roger Federer each time you see this cover.
Enjoy seeing tennis goddess Maria Sharapova whenever you open your FB account.
If you love Raphael Nadal, you will feel happy and enthusiastic about your tennis game and life in general with this stunning Facebook cover.

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