Saturday, July 28, 2012

U.S. Olympic Team Fashion by Ralph Lauren at London 2012 Summer Olympics

Let the games begin! We still haven't forgotten Wimbledon with Andy Murray in the finals, and the Olympics have already started. On Friday, July 27, the London 2012 Summer Olympics started with the Opening Ceremony, directed by Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle. With over 200 countries represented in 26 different sports and 302 medal events, the Olympic Games are truly the foremost sports competition in the world.
Ralph Lauren generously designed and donated the official Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony Parade outfits for the U.S. Team, so be sure to check out U.S. Olympic Team Collection from the iconic American designer’s. Here are some items from the Olympic collection by Ralph Lauren.

With all the major brands releasing new tennis collections for this important event, we'll be featuring new tennis fashion from London courts. Stay tuned!

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