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7 Quick Tennis Hairstyle Ideas

Female tennis players with medium to long hair often face a challenge when it comes to controlling their tresses on court.  It can be difficult to find an attractive and comfortable style that requires minimal maintenance.  Here are a few styling ideas for tennis or other active outdoor sports! 

Mini-braids – Separate the bangs or front portion of hair into small sections and braid each section as far as you like, securing with very small hair bands.  Gently brush back the remainder of the hair, and secure into a neat pony tail.  Practice makes perfect in determining how many sections are right for your hair.  Make use of hairspray to strengthen the hold! 

Braided Pony Tail - Another great and very easy style often used by Anna Kournikova, Caroline Wozniacki and Victoria Azarenka. Pull hair into a medium-high pony tail, and secure with an elastic band.  Then braid, and secure with another elastic band.  
 sport braided side back hairstyle 300x271 Ponytail Hairstyles For Long Hair

These styles simply require pulling hair into a pony tail – add bobby pins or clips to control flyaways if desired.

High Sleek Pony Tail High Pony Tail with Headband

Mid-Pony Tail with Visor

The French Braid
This is a beautiful style to sport on the tennis court!  Here are the steps to achieving this look with diagrams!

Apply a control serum to clean hair, and brush out any knots or tangles. Brush your hair back so that there is no part. 

Separate a section from the top of the head into three strands, crossing the right over middle and the left over middle, as in a standard braid.
 1.Picture 1 French Braid your hair2.Picture 2 Keep the strands separate  
Gather a small section from the right side of the head with your right hand, adding it to the right strand.  Bring that strand over to the middle and bring the middle strand to the right.
3.Picture 3 Gather a small section4.Picture 4 Bring the middle strand to the right
Switch hands (keeping all strands separated) so that the left hand is free.  Gather a section of hair from the left side and add this to the left strand.
 5.Picture 5 Keep strands separate6.French Braid picture 6
Bring the left strand over to the middle and the middle section to the left.  While braiding, try to keep your hands close to the head so the braid will be tight.  Repeat these steps on the right and on the left and so on, until there is no hair available to add.  Fasten with an elastic band.
 7.French Braid step 78.French Braid step 8

Messy Bun
 A hairstyle often sported by Bethanie Mattek-Sands.
Bethanie Mattek-Sands - Hopman Cup - Great Britain vs USA
To do it, pull your hair into a loose ponytail and secure it with an elastic at your crown. Twist and wrap your hair into a messy bun, then loop the ends through the elastic. Run your fingers through the front of your hair to loosen it from the elastic, and add texture. Slide in a thin headband two inches from your hairline. Slide a second thin headband three inches behind the first one (you can also use visor instead of the headbands).
Additional Hair Care Tips for Sports
  • Sprits hair with spray gel before styling into a pony tail or braid for better control!
  • Check out your local dollar store for hair clips, barrettes, pony tail holders and stretchy or plastic headbands for a very reasonable price! 
  • To help get your hair into a neat, high ponytail, hang upside down on your bed, brush it smooth and secure!

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Why all the girls from the pictures and the ideas that u r giving are ONLY for straigh hair girls???? This is racism!! What? Is that the afroamerican girls like me with a very curly hair don't count???!!!! But of course, You have thousand ideas for blonde girls, right?

I have a long hair, therefore I can try this. But problem is I can’t do this alone and need a help from someone else.

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quit being so overreactive and sensitive. you can damn well look to serena and venus williams for curly hairstyles, but it's not like you can't braid with curly hair. two out of the top 3 don't even have blonde hair. they didn't mention li na either, and no one is complaining about asian racism, idiot.

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