Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tennis Dresses for Different Body Types

A lot of female tennis players nowadays are going ga-ga over the many different styles and designs coming out for tennis dresses. With the many fashionable dresses now available, these women can be stylish every single day on the courts while showing off their moves.

However, it is not enough to grab a cute tennis dress off the rack just based on its appearance and without even trying it on. This may turn out to be a disaster! Take note that there are suitable types of dresses for different body types. Hence, you should make sure that what you choose to wear will look flattering on you.

For instance, if you have a petite figure, you should go for tennis dresses with a relaxed fit. A loose style will make you appear as if you have shrunk inside the dress, while something that fits tightly may put too much emphasis on your rather small body. On the other hand, if you are on the heavier side, it would be good to do away from tight-fitting bodices that might stress your bulges and from equally tight-fitting skirts that will surely draw attention to large hips and round legs. But if you have a great figure, you can flaunt it by wearing a snugly fitted tennis dress. Just make sure that it does not get in the way of your game.

Example of tennis dress ideal for petites and those with a slim figure

Example of tennis dress for curvy and plus-size ladies

Moreover, if you are big-busted, it would be better to stick to dresses with fuller tops and wider straps. And if you want to appear like you have a thin waist, then you should select the ones with flared skirts but not necessarily pleated.

Example of tennis dress for a voluptuous body type

In addition, you have to also pay attention to the colors and prints of the tennis dresses you pick out. Remember that if you want to look slimmer, darker colors and vertical lines are always ideal. To avoid emphasis on bulges and wide frames, you can also opt for diagonal lines. And in order to attract attention to your assets, you should choose designs that have bolder patterns. For example, a tennis dress with a huge print of a sun or flower by the bottom part of a skirt will draw people's eyes to your legs. But if your dress has lots of geometric shapes at the top while the bottom part has muted patterns, you can draw the attention to your face, neck, shoulder, and chest areas.

Example of tennis dress with bold pattern which would draw attention to your chest and waist
Eliza Audley Filagree Tennis Dress - $140

Indeed picking out the best tennis dresses to make you look awesome can be quite tricky. You have to consider all these things when choosing the styles because not all designs can look great on different body types.

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I love the pink one. It really suits for anyone who is a player of tennis. I wonder if they are expensive as well.

Thanks for your comment. I added prices and links where you can buy the dresses you liked, I also updated some of the dresses since some of them were from old collections which are no longer in stores.

I love the black one seems to be very comfortable while playing tennis. I think tennis dresses is not about fashion its about comfort which require for women player to give there best while playing tennis match.

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