Monday, February 27, 2012

Different Shirts You Can Wear During Tennis

There was a time long ago when tennis players mostly wore long-sleeved formal tops with ties and trousers. Imagine how uncomfortable that was! If they already had the tennis shirts that are commonly used now, they probably would have played much better.

Did you know that it was actually Rene Lacoste who first thought of coming up with a shirt style especially made for playing tennis? His design consisted of a loose pique cotton shirt with a collar that could be turned up and which served to protect a player's neck from the harsh sunlight. This particular shirt also included side slits and a longer shirt tail at the back. It was officially launched in the year 1929. And the rest of the tennis shirt story was history.

Today, there are plenty of tennis shirts that you can wear during tennis, both for men and women. Here are the different elements that make these shirts vary:

1. Material. Nowadays, you can choose to wear tennis shirts made of spandex, nylon, or polyester instead of cotton. Such fabrics help players move more freely and easily, and are cooler on the skin especially when one is profusely sweating already. Usually, they can also keep you dry better and longer.
Our Picks
Nike Border Tank - $42
(the mix of polyester and spandex)
Nike Dri-FIT UV N.E.T. Tennis Shirt - $38 
(100% polyester)
Nike - Border Tank (Black/White/White) - Apparel
Nike - Dri-FIT UV N.E.T. Tennis Shirt (White/Black/Black) - Apparel

2. Sleeves. At present, you can find short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and sleeveless shirts for tennis players. If you will be playing at an open venue during the summer season, it is best to wear a sleeveless shirt to help release the heat of your body. However, you must not forget to put on sunscreen lotion! On the other hand, there are some who prefer long-sleeved shirts to protect their arms from the harmful rays of the sun. In addition, the ladies' tennis apparel have more sleeve designs because of the fashionable shirts coming out now. Some have wide and loose sleeves. Others have frills and wavy ones. These add to the modish effect of a shirt.
Our Picks
Nike - Pro Core Compression Shirt (GymGreen/White) - Apparel
Nike - Dri-FIT Legend Sleeveless Training Shirt (Black) - Apparel
3. Neckline. There are scoop neck, V-neck,, crew neck, and collared shirts. These stand for the various neck designs for tennis shirts. They are all quite comfy, but it is really up to the wearer to decide which one suits him or her best. You can also purchase one of each for variety and fashion purposes.
Our Picks
Nike Legend Dri-Fit Poly S/S Crew Top - $25
(crew neck)
(scoop neck)
Nike - Legend Dri-Fit Poly S/S Crew Top (Carbon Heather) - Apparel
Nike - Sleeveless Legend Tee (PurePurple/CoolGrey) - Apparel

The bottom line is, no matter what shirt you choose, most of those made especially for tennis today are very comfortable. Branded ones usually make use of innovative clothing technology that allows for absorption of sweat and wetness, for a cooler feeling, and for better flexibility of movement. You should also not just base your choice on the design and material, but must also consider durability and value for money.

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