Friday, February 17, 2012

Tennis-Themed Kiddie Party Ideas

Perhaps your baby is turning one and being a true-blue tennis enthusiast, you just could not resist throwing a tennis-themed kiddie party for him. Or maybe your child is turning seven and he is really into this sport or is dreaming of becoming the next star player on the tennis courts! Whatever propelled you to finally decide on tennis as your kid's party theme, what's important is making it an awesome and unforgettable event for all the guests and most especially for the children who will be there.

Here are some fabulous kiddie party ideas for a tennis theme:

1. Cake. One of the most eye-catching elements of a kiddie party is the cake. Its function is actually more decorative, so you should ensure that the appearance is terrific. It must suit the theme, be colorful and attractive, and look very enticing to eat! Of course, it would be fantastic if you can also have one that tastes just as good as it looks. For tennis-themed cakes, you can focus on a miniature tennis court design or incorporate tennis rackets. Some also use 3D tennis balls and tennis player toppers with the celebrant's face. Below are a few samples that can give you ideas.

2. Unique party hats. Instead of having the kids wear party hats, why don't you prepare colorful sun visors made of cardboard? You can put the words "I love tennis" in front or perhaps "I am a tennis star" or something similar to these. You can even invent a title for a make-believe tennis tournament that includes the celebrant's name, such as "2012 Ralphian Open" (for a child named Ralph). What's more, you can opt to include sun visor art decor as one of the activities during the party. All you need to prepare is a bunch of art materials like paint, glue, beads, glitters, and more.
3. Decor. For the room decor, you can hang styro balls that look like tennis balls from the ceiling. You can also include these in the table centerpieces. Tennis rackets may also be incorporated in the wall decors. In addition, you may want to put up posters or standees of famous tennis celebrities. As a variation, have a customized standee made with a hole on the face but the body of a tennis player in a tennis outfit. This way, guests can put their faces into the hole and have their picture taken.
4. Giveaways. Party favors may be lollipops that seem like tennis balls with sticks or tennis-themed cupcakes. You can also give away personalized sweatbands or wristbands. And of course a kiddie party is not complete without loot bags! Prepare candies and other goodies inside tin cans or plastic containers with stickers that show a graphic design of the celebrant in tennis attire.
    5. Fun. You may want to hire a face painter who can create colorful pictures of tennis rackets and balls on kids' body parts. You may also hire an artist to draw caricatures of the guests in tennis ensembles and with a background that shows a tennis tournament scenario.
      There are many more that you can do to build the tennis-themed mood in your child's party. Just remember that what's most important is for the celebrant and the guests to have tons of fun.

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