Sunday, February 19, 2012

Five Fun Things to Do With Your Tennis Friends

When you spend a lot of time with a bunch of other tennis players, you cannot help but form new friendships on the courts especially if you constantly see one another and play together too. Being in love with the same sport immediately draws you closer together.

What are the top five fun things you can do with your group of tennis friends?

1. Food Binge. It can sometimes be exhausting and depressing to maintain a healthy diet day in and day out when you are an athlete. Every now and then, it can be really fun to go on a food binge with people you love hanging out with in order to satisfy your cravings and to simply enjoy the delicious treat without worrying about anything. Perhaps you and your tennis friends can have a potluck of your favorite snacks and dishes one of these days. You can bring them to your practice venue and have a feast after your game. Or you can plan a dine-out get-together at your favorite cafe or restaurant nearby.

2. Clothes Exchange. Instead of buying new stuff for your tennis ensembles, perhaps you and your tennis friends can bring all the clothing items and accessories that you do not want to use anymore. After one of your games, you can gather your items together and pick out those you like. You might be surprised that others may really adore some things you are not interested in anymore.

3. Marathon Mania. It is always great to run with friends in a marathon. Why don't you and your tennis buddies sign up for one of the marathons in your area? Fun runs are a fantastic way to bond and release pent-up tension. This will also be a perfect opportunity for you guys to enjoy and exercise at the same time.

4. New Sports Venture. Instead of playing tennis together, try out a sport that most of you have not tried before or are not good in. This will help you unwind and simply laugh at your weak skills in this sport and temporarily forget about the pressure of playing well on the tennis courts. You can try out bowling, billiards, wall climbing, swimming, or paintball. These activities will surely get your adrenaline rushing and such sports have always been proven to be great fun for many.

5. Movie Night. Plan a movie night with your tennis friends at your house or at someone else's place. You can watch a fun movie about tennis such as Nobody's Perfect, Wimbledon, Tennis Anyone?, and Match Point. Have everyone bring yummy snacks you can nibble on while watching. Chips and dips, pizza, cheesesticks, and other similar munchies are perfect for these get-togethers, along with some beer too!

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