Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tips for Successful Tennis Photography

Do you want to have winning shots of tennis athletes in action? Or perhaps you would like to have a collection of amazing and unique snapshots of tennis paraphernalia for your own portfolio. Whatever your reason is behind your desire to succeed in this particular field of sports photography, you should take a good look at these tips to improve your craft:

1. Be the master of your equipment.

Make sure that before you start clicking away on the sidelines, you have practiced a lot with the use of the same set of equipment. You will be much more efficient if you are able to master your own camera equipment and how to maneuver everything in order to achieve certain angles and styles for your shots.

2. Keep both eyes open for beautiful shots.

While you are focused on the game itself with one eye locked onto the camera, you can use your peripheral vision with the other eye to check out what is also going on around the area. Sometimes, you may just be able to capture special once-in-a-lifetime scenes in the sidelines. Also, instead of just shooting at one single point, watch out for after-effects or the reactions of other players and viewers after this point.

3. Know how to anticipate the action.

Even before the player makes that winning hit, you should already be pointing your lens and clicking away. This will enable you to encapsulate the actual action that you want.

4. Use maximum aperture.

Oftentimes, it is recommended to make use of maximum aperture value when photographing tennis. Since this sport is speedy and action-packed, you should also have a fast enough ISO to catch those wonderful and rare moments even when they happen like a blur to the naked eye. Furthermore, to come up with some creativity, you may want to mix up your aperture and ISO combinations.

5. Only focus on one player or object.

More often than not, it is better to focus on only one player instead of trying to put the two players into the frame. Or if you are targeting the tennis racket, for instance, you may place the net or court in the background but it should not be the  main focus too.

These five important tips are just some of the things you can apply in order to get great results in terms of tennis photography.

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