Friday, March 30, 2012

Tennis-Themed Bedroom Decor

Tennis is a very popular sport, even among kids of different ages. This is why a lot of parents and the children themselves decorate kids` bedrooms with a theme centered around this wonderful sport. Here are several ideas on how you can come up with a nice tennis-themed bedroom decor:

1. Color Scheme.
 When it comes to the color combination of the room, you can go for a neutral gray in contrast with touches of bright yellow that represent tennis balls. You may also want to opt for sky blue or bright blue as a background hue to signify the sky. Have the walls painted with these suggested colors, while including shiny yellow bean bags, a dresser, and the bed itself.

Kids Tennis Theme contemporary kids

2. Custom-made Furniture. Try to incorporate tennis equipment into the furniture used around the room. For instance, you can have customized mirrors made with actual tennis rackets as the frames. These can be hung on the wall. You can also use a tennis net as a backdrop for bookshelves, where you can pin up or attach works of art, photos, and other trinkets. Another possible idea you can make use of is to attach tennis balls on the posts of a bed or the handles of the closet and other drawers.

3. Tennis-Themed Accessories.
 In decorating a tennis-themed bedroom, you can put up paintings that show tennis-related pictures or perhaps actual framed photographs that depict various scenes on the court. You can also hang tennis balls from the ceiling or place tennis rackets on the walls. You may also want to use bedsheets and pillow cases with images of tennis players, balls, and rackets.

4. Murals and Wall Art. You may also choose to have an artist create a tennis-themed mural on one of the walls of the bedroom. Perhaps it could show a game scene or kids wearing tennis gear. For more subtle wall art, you can just have a silhouette of a tennis player in action placed in one corner of the room. Or you can just have small wall paintings done in a few parts of the room such as above the book shelves or beside the bed.

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The tennis theme bedroom idea is absolutely brilliant. I love the design and the combination of colors. You did awesome and it looks like the construction is professionally done. beds

Cool design! I was actually thinking of redecorating my room. One of these natural sleep aids is to make your room comfortable.

I love the entire room. Your tennis themed bed room is the most adorable room I've ever seen in my life. I can't wait to see the rest of the house! home extensions perth

Hands down to the interior designer of this room. I'm a huge fan of tennis, and this post just gave me an idea on what I could do to my room.

Unbelievable! I would hire this guy who made this design for my son's room. I am impressed by his work.

The bedroom decor information is totally up to date and I liked lot of essential aspects about it.

The tennis themed bedroom décor is shared in the post here. Useful information

I just bought a new 4 pillows with some disney characters. I hope this is a start of a wonderful bedroom. Need to buy some new bedsheet.

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