Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Amazing Examples of Tennis Photography

Sports photography is one of the growing niches in this artistic field. In particular, plenty of photographers are trying their hand at taking photos of tennis players in action and of interesting details that showcase the beauty of this sport. Tennis photography has quickly risen in popularity along with the stars of this sport.

If you are interested in tennis photography, you will have to spend more time watching the games live and not just learning about this sport via your television set. You have to be very familiar with how it is played, the rules, and more so that you will know which parts are great to aim you lenses at. This will also help you anticipate what is about to happen next, so that you can capture amazing action shots. It would also help if you actually play the game yourself.

Also remember to control your shutter speed when taking your photos because tennis is a fast-moving and action-packed sport. In addition, prepare for this venture with the appropriate lens for your camera, which will allow you to have fantastic snapshots even when you are staying on the sidelines.

Now here are some examples of great tennis photography:

The photography above is truly impressive, created with the right composition and focus, highlighting an important action in the game of tennis. Hitting the ball is one of the best moves that you must learn to capture with your camera when engaging in tennis photography.

Another type of image that you should always include in your tennis photography collection is a shot that exhibits facial expressions of players and convey their feelings. For instance, the photo above illustrates the high level of triumph shown on the face of tennis star Maria Sharapova as well as seen in her position.

Tennis photography also includes creative shots such as this one, that represents the game of tennis. You can set up tennis balls, rackets, and other tennis equipment and accessories on the courts and play around with lighting, positioning, and focus.

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