Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Outrageous Tennis Hairstyles

If there are tennis pros flashing their weird and outlandish ensembles on-court, there are also those who wish to draw attention to themselves by sporting outrageous tennis hairstyles while playing the game.

Some, however, do not really intend to cause a stir but simply wear their hair a certain way because they want to. These people are the ones who never realized the bad taste such hairstyles reflected, or perhapsy they could not care less about what people were thinking and saying about them.

Here are some outrageous and wacky hairstyles worn by tennis players throughout history:

1. John McEnroe

This star player during the 1980's had a great game going, but could not be commended for his hairstyles. In this picture at the 1981 Wimbledon, for instance, his long and curly hair was unruly as always, held back only by a bright-colored headband which also did not do his fashion sense any good. It is certainly no surprise that his photos show his hair sticking out at all directions as he does his winning moves.

2. Bjorn Borg

Who ever said only females could don the weirdest hairstyles? Aside from John McEnroe, this amazing tennis pro in the 70's and 80's certainly had a lot of fans. However, as you can see in the picture, his hair is surely not one of his strongest points. In fact, even though it does not appear unmanageable and even looks neat and tidy, its length and the bangs seem quite funny. The top looks like a blond mop propped on his head.

3. Andrea Jaeger

These days, if Maria Sharapova or Caroline Wozniacki came out in pigtails like this one, a lot of people will probably either laugh, open their mouths in shock, or wonder what happened to the fashion sense of their hairstylists. But in the 1980's, this young tennis player always wore her long hair in loose pigtails. Her hair looked a bit unkempt and was not suitable for playing such a sport. This would probably work today if her hair was glossy, smooth, and silky as if rebonded and done with a special cellophane treatment.

4. Billy Jean King

Yes, it may seem funny that this outstanding woman actually went through her games with this kind of hairstyle and came out victorious in the 1975 Wimbledon. Good thing there are no points given for hairstyles! This big, curly bob will surely bring you instant fame if you were to play tennis in these modern days.

5. Venus Williams

When it comes to anything outrageous that is related to the physical appearance, those from the olden tennis days will certainly bow down to the Williams sisters. Check out this wacky braided hairstyle by Venus Williams, embedded with a myriad of colorful beads, which she had on during the 1999 Australian Open. It is distractive and just plain bizarre.

6. Serena Williams

Much like her sister when it comes to fashion, Serena Williams sported this weird hairstyle at the 1999 US Open. The white beads were incorporated into her hair, standing out like popcorn. Indeed she could be given an "Outrageous Tennis Hairstyle Award" for this.

In the end, when it comes to how you wear your hair, nobody can dictate it for you. You can certainly experiment and invent to be unique or you can go with the bandwagon, depending on your style and personality.

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