Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Online Tennis Games You Will Enjoy

Even the busiest tennis players take a break from time to time. They prefer to lounge around the house, watching television and hanging out with friends. Some like to go shopping and dining out with loved ones. There are also others who enjoy engaging in other sports and physical activities in order to try something new or simply to have fun. Meanwhile, there are also those who choose to go to the spa or salon for a rejuvenating experience before getting back on the court.

For the homebodies who are simply in love with tennis even off-court, they like to engage in online tennis games. This is also a favorite activity for tennis enthusiasts who cannot play the real game.

Here are some online tennis games you will enjoy:

This tennis manager game will not test your skills in playing computer tennis, but in managing the careers of various tennis players. This should be an exciting game for tennis lovers as the competition and suspense make it a thrilling and addictive experience. Get to hire players and sign them up for tournaments, as well as help them climb the ladder of success in the world of tennis! You will experience having some players fall out, and some make it to the top, even getting called to join the national team. You have to keep searching for new talents also in order to keep your points growing. Certainly, this is an enjoyable tennis game that will hone your skills in management and will keep you glued to the computer screen for hours.

For a simpler kind of game which is also very easy to learn, you can go for Tennis Titans. This is an action tennis game that will allow you to choose among colorful and amusing characters as players and to strategize your game on the court with your moves. There are four wonderful courts that you can select from, as well as two game modes--- classic and rings. You will also have fun with the amazing 3D graphics used here.

If you prefer a flash type of action game that does not really take much effort, but is just great for passing the time and amusing yourself for a short period, then you can try Tennis Game. This can be played online in exhibition or tournament mode. You can adjust the forehand, backhand, serve, and footwork levels of the players with combinations that affect their game. This specific online tennis game, however, is not as exciting as others and will not leave you awestruck with its very simple graphics. Nevertheless, it is still enjoyable for individuals who like "mini games".

This is a 3D flash game for people who love this sport and would like some fast-paced tournament action on the Internet. The virtual court action will keep you focused on the monitor and bring you entertainment, while enhancing your computer gaming skills and even your reflex moves and strategic skills. It will surely flame up your competitive spirit too!

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