Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tennis Desserts

If you are thinking of having a tennis-themed party, why not go all the way with a dessert table filled up with goodies and treats created in a tennis-related look? You can stuff your guests with round chocolates covered with wrapping that makes them look like tennis balls. You can also prepare a tray with partitions and make it look like a tennis court! Fill up the spaces with green candies to make it look like grass. Or you can customized cookies made to look like tennis paraphernalia such as tennis rackets, tennis balls, and tennis outfits. There are really a lot of ideas you can play around with to make your tennis desserts very exciting.

Moreover, you can also make use of tennis desserts as giveaways for parties or even as gifts during special occasions like Christmas. These are perfect tokens as well for saying thank you to a tennis coach or for showing your appreciation to your tennis pals.

Here are some tennis desserts that you may want to check out:

1. Tennis Cookies- These are very handy and easy to pack if you want to give them away as souvenirs or tokens. You can put together various designs without any trouble, which make the entire set very nice and attractive. Also, they do not rot easily and the designs will not get destroyed even when you have to travel.

2. Tennis Cupcakes- Another option for tennis desserts is this one. You can place a few in a box to be given as a gift. Or you can arrange them on your dessert table during a party. They add zest to the entire party and make the guests, especially tennis lovers, happy and eager to devour your treats.

3. Tennis Special Desserts- If you are throwing a high-end party or you want to impress guests who are also tennis enthusiasts or maybe you are giving gifts to tennis stars and pros, then you can come up with special tennis-themed desserts. These are unique concoctions with great designs that are often created by wonderful chefs. You can also make them yourself if you have pictures and instructions to follow, or if you are willing to experiment.

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