Monday, January 2, 2012

Fantastic Gift Ideas for Tennis Enthusiasts

Tennis enthusiasts, whether they are players or just avid fans, would always love to receive something tennis-related on their special day or even just as a simple token. Perhaps your special someone who’s very much into this sport is celebrating his or her birthday soon. Or maybe you would like to give a thank you present to your tennis coach who has greatly helped you train for your competition. For whatever reason or occasion behind your desire to give a gift to a tennis lover whom you know, there are plenty of wonderful ideas which you can consider. Here are some simple but fantastic gift ideas which will surely be appreciated by any tennis aficionado:

Cute and Charming Accessories for the Ladies-
For your female friends, it would be nice to choose a nice pair of silver earrings with tennis racket drops or a bejeweled tennis ball pendant. There are plenty of designs that you can pick from. It can be something a bit formal or more casual, which you can select depending on the taste of the gift’s recipient. If you are on a tight budget, you may opt to get an adorable keychain with a tennis racket charm.
Silver Tennis Ball - $22

Personalized Items- A personalized gift is always a good choice because it shows the receiver that you took time to pick your gift based on his or her specific interest and need. You can give a towel with embroidery of the person’ name and a patch of tennis rackets, or you can choose a delightful tennis cartoon to be placed on a water bottle. You can also personalize a cap or headband. These items are both also practical for the use of tennis players.

Useful Tennis-Designed Items- You may also choose to give presents that have tennis-related designs but are not exactly used for playing tennis. This is suitable for those who do not actually play the game but just love watching it. Check out crystal tennis ball paper weights, letter openers shaped like tennis rackets, notepads with pen holders with tennis-related carvings, and many more.

Just remember that when are choosing the gift, keep the person in mind so you will pick something that he or she will truly adore instead of something that you like for yourself. Enjoy!

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