Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tennis Clothes for Everyday Use

Since tennis apparel is generally chosen based on both comfort and style, and the material utilized for clothes worn for this sport is often made for the purpose of making you feel at ease when moving around, then you can certainly enjoy your tennis clothes for everyday use. This way, you can maximize their use to make them worth every penny you shelled out for them especially if you do not really play tennis on a regular basis.

For some, using tennis clothes for casual trips to the mall or for dates and gatherings with friends is a no-no. This is because they do not want to wear out these special outfits, especially if they are designer ones. If you are in the same predicament, you can just choose to use the ones that you do not plan on wearing again on the courts. They may be old or not, but you can still combine them with your other fashion items to come up with impressive ensembles for your daily get-ups.

Nowadays, there are plenty of tennis apparel that do not really look as if they were made just for playing the sport. Hence, you can use this to your advantage. Here are some examples of great tennis clothes you can utilize for your everyday wear to school, to your workplace, or even when you are going out.

1. Tank Top- There are numerous colored and white tank tops in various designs that belong in the tennis world and yet can be stylishly incorporated into outfits for daily use. For example, you can pair this white tank top with a pair of dark-colored jeans and brown boots. Then perhaps you can add one or two "bling" necklaces in bronze to accentuate the top.

2. Skirt- Since there are many different tennis skirts nowadays, you can choose those that do not look too sporty or those that are suitable for everyday use too. One example is this red pleated skirt which you can actually match with a lacy tank, a cardigan, and perhaps a cute pair of flats. Or you may opt for complementary red high-heeled pumps.

3. Polo- For men, tennis polo shirts like this one are perfect for everyday use such as when dining out or meeting with your buddies or even just for going to class. The shirt below can be paired with denim shorts or jeans.
4. Shorts- There are several tennis shorts that need not be appropriate only for sports endeavors and other physical activities. This pair of white shorts, for instance, is great for a walk on the beach or even for a casual day out. You can wear flip-flops, men's sandals, or sneakers with it, depending on where you are going.

These are only a few of the tennis apparel you can utilize for everyday use. There are plenty more that you can use for other purposes. Check out your own tennis wardrobe and start getting creative with your everyday ensembles.

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I don't get this. "If you are in the same predicament, you can just choose to use the ones that you do not plan on wearing again on the courts." Could you please enlighten me on this? I keep following all your posts hope you can regularly post more. I get very useful information here. Thanks for having this.

sports supplies tennis

Thanks for your comment. This sentence means that you can use some tennis clothing that you don't wear on court doing everyday things, like shopping or gathering with friends.

wear shorts that are comfortable whatever the length if you fat or out of shape don't gross us out and stay indoors. It look really nice if you match it with a Ralph Lauren collared shirt or t-shirt. Girls in the south dig it.

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