Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weird Tennis Outfits You Should Avoid

Being stylish on the tennis courts takes a good fashion sense to pull it off well. You may sometimes get too excited over how an outfit looks like without realizing that this is not really appropriate for playing tennis and may appear too outlandish and weird when worn during a game. Or you may get carried away, thinking that the tennis event is your fashion ramp. This may not work out either. Hence, you have to maintain a certain balance when choosing your tennis outfits.

Here are several weird tennis outfits that you should avoid:

1. When you are playing tennis, you should still look like you were made up for this game instead of looking like you are about to go to a rock concert. Remember that your tennis ensembles should still be suitable for playing. Thus, denims and studded outfits are a definite no-no!

2. Again, suitability is the number one consideration. Even though being experimental with tennis outfits sometimes works, you will have to determine which materials and clothes can match a regular tennis ensemble. The cover-up shown below, for instance, looks really off. It seems gruesome by itself, and is even more horrible with the tennis get-up.

3. Wearing long-sleeved tennis tops is not unglamorous by itself. However, in the picture below, the top is really unflattering and is truly a bad match for the pastel-colored feminine-looking ruffled tennis skirt.

4. Always check how an outfit fits you. Remember that you will be making all kinds of moves out there on the court. Hence, a tiny playsuit like this one can really be unflattering for your figure because of its very short cut and baggy top. A true-blue mismatch, you will certainly attract attention you do not want with such a weird tennis outfit!

With the given examples above, you now have an idea about the different types of tennis outfits you should avoid. Even if it is not exactly the same or even close to the ones above, you were still able to get a feel of the things you should stay away from when it comes to tennis fashion. And because the outfits shown were actually worn by the pros, at least you now realize as well that following the fashion sense of these great players is not the way to go. It is better to create your own fashion statement--- one that suits your own personality and style.

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