Friday, January 6, 2012

How To Choose a Tennis Racquet for a Child

Choosing a tennis racket for children can sometimes be tricky and should be done with utmost care. Keep in mind that kids, especially beginners, should not experience much trouble with their rackets because this factor may be a reason for them to get discouraged about the sport.

Here are some guidelines you must follow when buying a tennis racket for children:
  • Length matters a lot, so this should be your first consideration. It is best to read the recommendation by the manufacturer on what length is best for specific heights and ages of kids. This way, you can avoid making a mistake that may sabotage your child's game or make it more difficult for him. You wouldn't want him to become disheartened even before he has embraced the sport completely.
  • At the start, you need not spend so much on a tennis racket for children especially if you are still just introducing the sport. You may end up wasting your money if you do this. Instead, you can find second-hand ones that are still in good condition. You may also opt for cheaper alternatives which are generally of great quality. You should upgrade once in a while as the kid becomes more engrossed in the sport and develops into a serious player.
  • It would be good if the actual user is there with you when you buy a tennis racket. It is important for the child to choose one that he really likes and feels comfortable with. This will make him want to engage more in tennis.
  • Even if your child is big for his age or is an advanced player already, you should still purchase a racket that is made especially for children so you can be assured of slimmer handles and lighter loads. As your child gets older, you can transition him gradually to tennis rackets for adults.
Keep these simple guidelines in mind when you visit the sporting goods stores or when you browse through junior tennis racquets which are being sold online. As a result, you can enhance the interest of your child in tennis and help him become a better player too.

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I am not expert for tennis but I dont think there is tennis racquets for kids....

Of course there are. Kids need smaller and lighter racquets. Otherwise, how would they play?

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