Sunday, January 15, 2012

Refashioning Your Old Tennis Skirt

Been rummaging through your closet lately? If you have found several old tennis skirts which you are planning to discard soon, hold on just a minute! You may not have to let go of them just yet. If these skirts are still in good condition but may not be the latest fashion in the tennis world today, you need not get rid of them. You can still make great use of them for your everyday outfits.

All you need to do is to refashion these old tennis skirts in order to give them a new look, so you can use them for going to the mall, hanging out with friends, or even when you have a hot date! Here are some ways on how you can redesign them:

1. Laces and Prints. You can sew on strips of laces or tulle material at the hemline of your old tennis skirts, whether they are stream-lined or pleated. This will give them a more feminine and dainty appearance.

You can also opt to add printed cloths as belts to your plain-colored tennis skirts to give them a unique twist. These can be bright-colored stripes or pastel-colored florals or even denims! It really depends on your fashion sense, and on what kind of outfit you wish to achieve.

2. Embellishments. Try to be creative with your old tennis skirts by adding on buttons, beads, and gemstones of different sizes and shapes. You can even put them together to create unique patterns and figures! You can also choose to sew on ready-made flowers, ribbons, and patches.

3. Layers. You can layer your old tennis skirts to make them longer. You can either sew the next layer to the hemline of your skirt or sew it beneath. Or you may wish to cut first the skirt to a shorter length before adding on new layers. Try adding cloths of similar material and color. You can also opt to use a different color or print for each layer. Your final product should look like a cool peasant skirt which you can use for your stylish casual ensembles.

Enjoy refashioning your old tennis skirts and turning them into creative, stylish skirts which you can use for casual get-ups and even for semi-formal ensembles!

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