Sunday, January 29, 2012

Top Five Worst-Dressed Tennis Players: Australian Open 2012

Tis the Season of the Neon, fa-la-la-la-la…

Did Nike telephone Adidas before they designed their Spring Tennis Collection this year? Or perhaps it was the other way around…but much too our chagrin, many players are sporting glaringly-bright styles! Those of you who would ask, “How much is too much?” have obviously not seen our first-place pick for worst-dressed this year. While we love the way that Jo-Willie fills out any style he chooses to wear, this ensemble is just TOO much! One, simple change would have landed Jo-Willie at the top of our Best-Dressed List: A bright, white shirt with small, colorful details.
1st Prize!
Jo-Wilfired Tsonga, Australian Open 2012
And speaking of too much…a little break from all the purples please, Miss Kvitova!
A close 2nd Prize!
Petra Kvitova, Australian Open 2012
Yeah...maybe it was Adidas taking the lead on the neon-inspired styles this year. It’s a shame we have to purchase heavy-duty sunglasses to get through the 2012 Grand Slam season! Thankfully…he went out early. 
3rd Prize!
Fernando Verdasco, Australian Open 2012
Applicant needs to understand complementary color choices, proper fit and overall design. Jelena, go back to Anta, please!! They no doubt have a well-cut, stylish dress in neon pink…
4th Prize!
Jelena Jankovic, Australian Open 2012
While this K-Swiss top fortunately features only a bit of the neon, the overall effect is busy – to the extreme! Are there two designers working for the company this year? We loved the Bryan brothers’ K-Swiss choice – look for them in our “Best-Dressed” feature coming soon!
5th Prize! 
Gael Monfils, Australian Open 2012

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