Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do-It-Yourself Fashion Projects to Jazz Up Your Tennis Ensemble

Are you getting tired of looking so plain in your tennis outfits? It's about time you started taking matters into your own hands instead of drooling over those gorgeous but expensive accessories that could make your ensemble stand out on the court. Actually, a lot of tennis players wish to express their fashion senses more but find it impractical to spend so much on stylish and especially branded tennis apparel.

Well, no more worries! Here are two wonderful do-it-yourself fashion projects that can certainly jazz up your tennis ensemble without burning up your pockets.

1. Embellished Headband/Wristband

Instead of throwing away your own headbands and wristbands, you can "re-fashion" them if they do not look worn out yet. You can sew on flowers made of fabrics and felt cloths, different buttons, colorful gemstones, patches of objects that you like, or a combination of these. It is fairly easy to find these items in a crafts store, if you do not have them already in your own house. Sometimes, even the things around your place that you would have otherwise considered junk can be useful in this project. Just use your creativity in coming up with unique and stylish designs.

You may also opt to make a quilt-type headband out of patches of printed and plain pieces of cloth. You can get such cloths from old clothes, bags, and other accessories you may have lying around.

What's more, you can even cut out and sew wristbands from socks that you no longer want to use. You can use strips of varying colors and braid them together before you saw the ends. Such wristbands can serve as the base for your embellishments.

If you know how to crochet, this can be another alternative for making the base for your headbands and wristbands. Then you can add on other designs you want.

2. Hand-Painted Tennis Shoes

If you are a true-blue fashion fanatic, you may sometimes be bored with wearing the same kind of tennis shoes every time you play the sport. Or perhaps you simply want to keep your old tennis shoes and just make them appear stylish for a change. Whichever is the case, you can actually use your artsy-fartsy side to accomplish this by hand-painting your tennis shoes! This way, you can choose from a wide variety of designs--- whatever suits your fancy or is more suitable for your personality.

Of course it would be simpler to use tennis shoes with fabric material. You can then grab some fabric paints and even glitters if you like, and paint the entire surface of your shoes to your heart's desire! You can include figures or create patterns. You can have different-colored portions of the shoes too. It's all up to you.

After letting the paint dry, you may also opt to add other forms of embellishment such as beads, gemstones, buttons, ribbons, and patches. A variation that you can try out too is to tie-dye your tennis shoes instead. You can also combine this with hand-painted and sewed-on designs.

Whatever you decide to do with your tennis shoes, just be sure that the design fits your personality and fashion style so that you can wear them with confidence and pride. Who knows? Others may ask where you got these fashionable items. Then you can even turn it into a business. You can also design your custom shoes through the websites like Zazzle.com

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