Thursday, December 22, 2011

Top Five Tennis Fashion Must-Haves for Women

As a tennis player, looking good on the court does not only entail smooth, swift moves with your tennis racket. If you are clad in your old sweats with strands of your hair sticking on your forehead and you are wearing a pair of disdainful tennis shoes that you have not cleaned for more than a year, no amount of skill will make people admire you or even want to watch you!

Hence, you should keep in mind that tennis is not just all about performing the sport itself. Since the game involves only two or four people playing, the focus is limited to just the ones on the court. In addition, this sport is very visual as compared with chess, for instance. This is why it is important to be fashionable too if you want to seriously engage in tennis.

So what are the top five tennis fashion must-haves for women?

1. Cute Tennis Skirt - When it comes to tennis fashion for women, tons of fun and cute tennis skirts have come out in the market. Be sure to choose one that suits your personality and flatters your figure too. For example, if you are naturally confident and stylish, you can surely wear a bright-colored and even patterned skirt perfectly. When it comes to hiding large behinds and elongating your legs, you must go for streamlined skirts instead of the pleated ones.
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2. Stylish Tennis Visor- Looking trendy and modish when playing tennis also involves sporting that stylish tennis visor that matches your tennis attire. It is not only fashionable but also functional, as it provides more comfort for women with long hair. It also allows the fresh air to touch the back of your head while in front, you are shaded from the sunlight.
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3. Hip Tennis Bag and Racket Cover- Nowadays, most women like to go for tote bags or backpacks that have matching racket covers. Choose a nice pattern in your favorite color, such as pink and white stripes or blue and green plaids. Or you can go for neutral and plain-colored ones that can complement any of your tennis outfits. You can even have several sets so you have alternatives that can suit your complete ensemble. Check out our list of top 10 trendiest tennis bags.

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4. Nice Tennis Towel- Grabbing any towel is certainly a big no-no in tennis fashion! You should invest in several tennis towels that are clean and new-looking as well as stylish too. You can pick colored ones that have embroideries or patches of cute tennis-related designs such as tennis rackets, tennis visors, and amusing lady figures playing tennis. You can even have your towels personalized with your monogram or name. Want something special and unusual? Check out a cooling towel which will cool you down no matter how hot is outside.
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5. Cute Tennis Hair Accessories - Your hair is your crowning glory, so it must always look neat and nice especially when you are running and jumping around on the court. Hence, if you are not wearing a visor, you can have your hair in braids and ponies, embellished with cute accessories like garterized headbands and colorful barrettes and pins. You can go for plain ones or those with designs like flowers made of cloth and miniature plastic tennis rackets.
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Enjoy mix and matching your tennis fashion must-haves to achieve varying but equally impactful tennis wardrobes each time you have a game.

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