Monday, March 7, 2011

Tennis Must-Have for Women: A Tennis Skirt

There is a known link between the sport of tennis and the world of fashion, and today, tennis and every major open is not simply about showcasing the talent of world class athletes, but also about brand promotion.  This has given designers an open door to enter the world of tennis, and change it, just a little with fashion.  Today, tennis must haves will be as versatile as your own personality layers, and as long as you make it your own, you will look great on the court.  Here we will talk about perhaps one of the most famous must haves for women, the tennis skirt, and what you can do with this must – have to maintain tradition, but still look hot and contemporary.

When it comes to tennis skirts this year, designers are creating a more streamlined silhouette.  You will see more skirt/top combinations that seem to blend into each other creating a silhouette that is not broken by a waistline.  This trend is in line with the tennis dress trend that is becoming a staple in designer’s tennis collections this year.  Whether you choose a skirt and top combination, or the sleek silhouette of a tennis dress, you will find the streamlined look is en pointe with trends in contemporary tennis fashion.

When you are choosing a tennis skirt, look for flat waists and veer away from the traditional pleated skirts.  This rule of thumb for contemporary tennis fashion is most important for larger figures.  If you are trying to minimize your behind or your hips, pleats will only magnify these areas, and a streamlined skirt with flat front and back will slim you down nicely.  At the same time, giving the illusion of longer legs with shorter hemlines will do the same job of drawing attention away from areas of your figure you want less focus.  If you look for less traditional styles, pay attention to the combination skirts. Both flat and combination styles are perfectly showcased in the new Nike line and come complete with built in compression to flatten your tummy and show off those legs.

Nike - Border Skirt 2011 (Vibrant Blue/White/White) - Apparel Nike - Border Skirt 2011 (Green Apple/White) - Apparel Nike - Border Skirt 2011 (Obsidian/White/White) - Apparel

Nike - Set Point Skirt (White/Spark/Spark) - Apparel Nike - Set Point Skirt (Black/Spark/Spark) - Apparel Nike - Set Point Skirt (White/White/Matte Silver) - Apparel

When it comes to color for tennis skirts this season you will find the “tennis whites” will always be a traditional and respected color choice.  Designers are playing with this a little bit, and you can too if you like to appear on court with a contemporary style.  Colors in trend this tennis season will be bright and eye popping.  Both Nike and Adidas come through with a beautiful range of color tones that will pair well with a wide number of tops. As long as you pair your eye popping color with confidence, you too can pull it off.

adidas - BARRICADE Skort (Intense Green) - Apparel
If you love the traditional look of the tennis skirt, use these tips to make today’s skirt your own.  If you want to win, bring your personality to the courts with you.  When you arrive in serious contemporary tennis fashion, your game will be respected just as much as you will be.

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