Monday, March 14, 2011

Babolat - Roland Garros Official Equipment 2011

Babolat and Roland Garros announced a partnership for this year's French Open. This not only means that Babolat will supply the balls for the tournament, but we'll soon see a new line showcasing those two brands.
Babolat introduced several new rackets and bags featuring colors of this Grand Slam. One of the rackets is a new version of Aeropro Drive (racket of Nadal and Tsonga) - Aeropro Drive French Open ($199 unstrung), others are E Sense Comp French Open ($99 strung) and  Aeropro Drive Junior French Open ($104 strung). The bags come as six and twelve pack ($59.95, $79.95). Babolat also introduced backpack ($40) as well as over grips, dampeners, and new themed balls.

The new collection will be available in May.

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