Monday, December 19, 2011

Adidas Ushers in the New Year with its Australian Open 2012 Fashion

A brand new year is just around the corner, and for tennis fans, it means the nearing of the much awaited Adidas fashion for Australian Open 2012. Once again, Adidas has been cooking up its fantastic new outfits for our favorite tennis athletes as these stars are getting ready to show what they have got not only in terms of their skills and abilities in this particular sport but also with regard to their clothing styles.

Who’s going to wear something unique and trendy? Who will be sporting an outfit that is way out of his or her usual league? These are just some of the questions that tennis enthusiasts are wondering about when it comes to Adidas fashion for Aussie Open 2012.

The excitement certainly arises with the revelation of the sporty garb that some of these prominent industry names will be wearing come this 2012 tennis competition. The best thing is that all the Adidas outfit for Aussie Open 2012 is already in stores, so you can even outrun tennis celebrities.

For example, the well-known Serbian player Ana Ivanovic has already been revealed in a photo to be wearing a clean-cut peach dress with coral-colored edges by Adidas. Yes, this is likely the outfit she will be wearing for the Aussie Open 2012. It again shows us Ana Ivanovic’s style in tennis fashion which often involves uncomplicated, straight-to-the-point designs.
Ana Ivanovic's Australian Open 2012 outfit
Ana Ivanovic Adidas AdiZero Tennis Dress - $80

On the other hand, some rumors have been circulating about popular tennis player Caroline Wozniacki’s fashion statement for the Australian Open next year. She might be endorsing this sexy, stylish tennis dress called Women’s Tennis Performance Dress from Adidas by Stella McCartney. It comes in white and red and is certainly a revealing piece in a modish manner, styled with the fusion of lace and mesh. However, some people are wondering if such an outfit can actually be comfortable to wear while playing the game?

Of course these wonderful tennis outfits by Adidas are not limited to the ladies! For one, well-known tennis player Fernando Verdasco is set to wear an AdiZero tennis ensemble in bright orange for the Australian Open 2012. Clad in a lively color from head to foot, followers of this handsome and well-built athlete are expecting him to gracefully show off his great moves out there.

On the other hand, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will be sporting a classic white AdiZero set with orange trimmings. This seemingly plain and clean-cut look may be quite different from the usual designs of Adidas tennis fashion, but certainly also gives a strong impact on male tennis lovers who are fond of wearing the standard whites.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's Australian Open 2012 outfit
Adidas Men's AdiZero Bermuda Tennis Shorts - $50

adizero Feather Shoes

And at last Andy Murray's outfit for upcoming Grand Slam.

These are just some of the tennis clothes these world-renowned tennis players might be wearing. Surely Adidas fashion for Aussie Open 2012 once again opens the doors for all women and men tennis players who enjoy trying out such new and stylish tennis clothes when they are out in the court.

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