Monday, February 14, 2011

It's All in the Bag: What You Should Have in the Tennis Bag

There is one thing to be said about fashion emergencies, but if you happen to have one of those while you are on the tennis court, it could be disastrous.  Not just to your style, but to your game.  The last thing you want during a big tournament or match is to have your last string pop on what may end up being your very last nerve as well.  No matter what your level is in the game of tennis, you can never be too prepared.  Perhaps you are the type who already totes around a heavy laden bag mixed with all of the “essentials” or perhaps you are a newbie lacing up your first shoe.  Either way, we will talk today on what essentials you SHOULD have in that bag.  Make sure you keep these must haves in your handy dandy tennis bag, and you’ll never forfeit a tourney to a fashion emergency again. 

1. An extra racket and extra balls.  Need we say more?  You never know when you will need extra, but you don’t want to find out by falling into an emergency situation.  By having an extra set or two of balls on hand you’ll also become seen as a generous and well prepared tennis player.

2.  Water, Gatorade or any other energy drink.  You won’t be able to win if you don’t stay hydrated.  Extra water or electrolyte replenishing fluids like Gatorade are an absolute must have, whether your courts are indoor or outdoor.

3.  Sun and Sweat – Hat/Visor or Shades/Headband.  This will keep your head cool, and may be another one of those you won’t know until you need it that you need it.  It will also keep the sun out of your eyes.  If sweat is an issue for you, this will help, though a terry cloth headband will do just the trick as well if you aren’t a hat person.  Keep fresh extras on hand though, as headbands tend to get wet fast and the last thing you want to keep on is a soaked headband.  Most facilities will now allow for sunglasses to be worn on the courts as well.

4.  Extra towels and socks.  If you are playing for a long day, you will get moist rather quickly.  Keep a few pairs of socks to change in between sets as they will sweat up fast and will lead to blistering, which will impair your game.  Extra towels are useful for the same purpose.  If sweat is a major concern for you, an extra op will feel great in between matches and refresh you to just where you need to be before your next game.

5. First aid.  Just keep the basics, if something urgent occurs there will be staff or aid on hand at most facilities and tournaments to attend to you.  Band aids and cream are popular choices for tennis bags because of blistering that can occur on long sweaty days.  For outdoor players, sunscreen is just as important a first aid tool as any, as is bug spray if you will be playing in late afternoon or early evening hours when bugs are in prime time during summer months.  That being said, ointment for sunburns or bug bites is just as helpful, as may be allergy medication for major bites or allergic reactions in seasonal weather.

6. Pen and Paper.  Tennis is a sport that involves a healthy share of networking, mixed with a healthy dose of competition.  Keeping a journal or note pad in your bag will help you keep track of your scores if that is meaningful to you, or also keep you prepared if you are interacting or exchanging information with prospective new tennis partners or players.

And what do you have in your tennis bag?

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what a gorgeous looking tennis bag. Where can you get it?

Hi. Thanks for a comment. It's Court Couture brand. You can find it here

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