Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Origin of the Tennis Bracelet

 Serena Williams models Harry Winston diamond tennis bracelet
There are few women that don’t gasp at just the term “tennis bracelet”.  And though the tennis bracelet has become a piece of jewellery worn by all walks of women, even those that have never set a foot on the courts, it does have its roots in the sport of tennis.  The sport of tennis is one that begun on tradition, and is based on tradition, and the beautiful piece of jewellery known as the tennis bracelet is no different.

Today’s tennis bracelet is a piece of jewellery that is described as timeless and elegant.  It is marked by a simple bracelet that is made of a number of gemstones that are then connected to each other as a chain.  This chain of gems is then worn around the wrist, and is suitable in a professional office setting, black tie event, or even when you are lunching with the girls on a Saturday afternoon.

Like many trends in tennis fashion, the tennis bracelet trend was one initiated by the infamous Chris Evert.  Who knew that Evert, one of the greatest women tennis players of all time, would also be a trendsetter?
It was the 1987 U.S. Open where celebrity tennis star Chris Evert wore a bracelet made of nothing but a string of diamonds.  During her match, the clasp on the bracelet broke and went tumbling all over the courts.  Chris Evert was not about to lose her cool over it, but in an unprecedented moment in tennis history, the game was halted so that she could recover her jewels.  Indeed she did, and at that moment, the “tennis bracelet” was born. 
Today, tennis bracelets are cherished items worn for any occasion, marking anniversaries, celebrations, and even seen on the red carpet on A list celebrities.

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Wow!!!! Excellent Tennis sports information. Thanks for that. Because tennis is my favorite sports.
”Nathan Mclain Tennis”

Love knowing the origin of things. Thanks to Chris Evert of my wife's tennis bracelet. She also plays tennis, but I bought it for her because it was elegant & beautiful.

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