Friday, February 4, 2011

What NOT to Wear on the Tennis Court

Still under the impression of Australian Open fashion surprises we came with a list of what should not be worn on a tennis court.

And here we have Jennifer Love Hewitt spotted on the tennis court embodying a major fashion don’t, well several actually.  Can you see what’s wrong with this picture or does our headline “What NOT to Wear on the Tennis Court” give it all away.   
In response to this photo, as far as Jennifer’s personal style, what not to wear can be summed in one word: everything.  As far as any of the individual elements in this photo, heels, bikini, and well, that’s all she is wearing, both of these are typical fashion don’ts when you are stepping on the court. As pretty as you want to be while you are playing, playing well AND looking good is your ultimate goal.  Neither of these two pieces will perform that function.  

Here are a few other things you want to be sure to avoid putting on before you slam the competition.

1.  Gold panties.  Oh you may laugh, but Karol Fagero was banned from playing in Wimbledon when she showed up in this pair designed by Ted Tinling.  This note is an example to you that although you may not own a pair of gold panties, and wouldn’t consider wearing them if you did, you always need to take in mind the place where you will be playing.  If it’s a new facility to you, you will be seen as courteous and gracious if you call ahead to find out if there is a dress code. 
Karol Fageros (Pic:Getty Images)
2.  Bodysuits.  Again, you may wonder how this mistake would even happen to you, but if you are fashion conscious, you may have seen this trend in some contemporary tennis wear.  This is a major fashion don’t, and when Anne White wore one at Wimbledon during the ‘80’s, she was allowed to play (because it met the whites requirement) but cautioned to never wear that outfit again.  Even though she lost the game, Anne was later known as a trailblazer in the world of tennis fashion.
Anne White (Pic:Getty Images)  
Serena William's catsuit she wore on US Open 2002 was a little better, but still not very appropriate, at least to our liking.
3.  Anything purchased at Wal-Mart or Target.  With this rule of thumb comes the advice, it’s always best to buy your sportswear in a sportswear establishment.  That could be the Pro Shop at your club, or the sports store at the mall.  You will find the quality of material better in these places, and more suited to the game that you play. Buying your sports gear at a mass retailer is going to compromise the quality you need to breathe well in your attire, move well in your shoes, and feel great during your game.  If you need to save money on sportswear, purchase your practice wear at the discount shops and save your big spending for your big games and tourneys.

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