Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Creative Tennis Fashion Ads

An effective advertisement should be funny, clever, and distinctive. Here is a bunch of creative ads featuring tennis clothing brands and sports stores selling tennis gear. Are they effective? What are your favorites?

Artengo. 671C Shoes. Resists everything except the desire to play.
Artengo/Tennis shoes: Macadam

Artengo. 671C tennis shoes. Highly effective shock absorption.
Artengo tennis shoes: Ming vase

Artengo. 671C shoes. The art of clay court sliding.
Artengo tennis shoes: Ice Rink

Vector tennis shoes from Power.
Power Boots: Tennis pitch

New Balance. Run with the heart.
New Balance: Heart

From tennis to karate. All sports, one place. Centauro. Your sport is our passion.
Centauro: From Tennis to Karate

Decathlon. Come with old gear. Leave with new.
Decathlon: Tennis

Decathlon. The biggest sports store ever.
Decathlon: Tennis

Skins. More speed. More power. More stamina.
Skins: Tennis

Slazenger tennis racquets.
Slazenger Tennis Racquets: Nuke

Reebok sportswear. Tennis
Reebok Sportswear: Tennis

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