Friday, January 14, 2011

Caroline Wozniacki for Stella McCartney Adidas 2011 Collection

Ever since the 2009 U.S. Open, Caroline Wozniacki has been named the exclusive girl for the Adidas tennis collection by Stella McCartney.  She did so because her personal look appealed to the somewhat picky fashion designer.  And ever since, Caroline has proved she’s worthy of the coveted spot for Adidas.  Though some of Stella’s designs have not always been fan favorites, Caroline has managed to make them her own and look fabulous while doing so.  Could it be the Stella McCartney line that is keeping her at the top of her game as well? Hard to say, but when she landed in the finals of last year’s Grand Slam wearing Stella’s Sport Performance collection, she had people talking.  So what can we expect from Caroline in 2011?  Here we will look at what she wore for Stella in 2010, and how this look will evolve for Caroline’s games this year.

Stella McCartney is a well known London designer who is renowned for being a little bit picky about who showcases her collections.  And when Caroline took this spot from Maria Kirilenko, she took the role seriously. Stating on her website, Caroline acknowledges the honor that comes with this role for Stella McCartney:
I am proud to be able to be so successful and stylish on court. Women’s competition is all about the look, and being able to be dressed by Stella I am always one step ahead of the other girls on court.

Early in 2010, Caroline’s look by Stella was understated to a point that some critics found it almost too simple for an athlete of her stature. Her pieces on court were marked by neutral shades such as light grays, beige, and darker whites.
Though Stella created a wide range for Caroline, differentiating the pieces between outfits was difficult for some in the fashion world.  Little did the fashion world know what was ahead.  By the end of the season, when it mattered, Caroline knocked it out of the park in both her game at the US Open, and in her dark slate tennis dress that was off set by a punch of yellow.  This look was well strategized by Stella, as she knew full well it would tell the world, this was a tennis player to take seriously.

Can we expect such drama from Stella for Caroline in 2011?  There is no doubt that Stella McCartney has some wow factors up her sleeve for this world class athlete in 2011.  This year Caroline’s line will include pieces that follow fashion trends set by the latest big screen movie “Black Swan” and Caroline’s 2011 tennis wear collection will be very ballet inspired.  This will blend well with her graceful nature on court, and the soft colors and feminine detailing will certainly appeal to a wide range of her audience fans. Expect Caroline to show up for her “big games” in pieces that present drama through texture and design, while her standard games will showcase her more feminine side.  In any event, wherever Caroline appears in whatever Stella has in mind for her, we know we’ll like it.
Caroline Wozniacki - 2011 Australian Open - "Rally For Relief"

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