Saturday, June 9, 2012

French Open 2012 Tennis Fashion. Women's Final: Maria Sharapova

Maria is back to the top, and moreover, with a Grand Slam again! 2012 French Open was very lucky for Maria, it brought her first place in WTA ranking, a trophy, and career Grand Slam, as French Open was the only Grand Slam tournament Maria didn't win!

We've been waiting for 2 weeks for this day to write about Maria's fashion. As usual, it is very classy. This time REALLY classy - little black dress and even a jacket which doesn't resemble sport clothing at all... (unfortunately we weren't able to find a picture of Maria in the jacket, but we are sure, those who watched the tournament have noticed it).
Maria Sharapova, French Open 2012
Create Maria Sharapova's 2012 French Open Look

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